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OIL / FRACKING — The Destruction of America


We pillaged and took over the land from the Indians


America is not the land you thought it was, it’s not safe anymore.


Presently, big industry rapes the land and makes the land uninhabitable for people. Generations who worked the lands, keeping their doors unlocked, feeling safe, living in friendly counties, now have to contend with hazardous waste, pollution, contaminated water, crime and prostitution. 


With no government oversight because both federal and state agencies have no funds, nor enough employees, the destruction continues unchecked. Now there are 8,000 plus oil wells and another l0,000 to l6,000 wells projected.


The Loss of Water In America


Nothing is more important than pure water. The amount of water used to drill oil and frack shale gas does not pay in return for the energy return. I recently went to the airport for a flight and the cost for one small bottle of water was over $3.00. 


What are the answers?

We need huge investors with millions and billions of dollars to care, think ethically, device and design safe renewal energy and return the land to the animals, plants and people.


We need activists and advocates. We need educated leaders and enthusiastic followers. We need legal assistance. We need communication. We need to preserve the land, water and air for future generations and for the health and safety of America. If you believe, if you have a connection to the earth, then you must fight to protect it and your rights and freedoms. 


What is at stake?

So far, when adverse events occur the industry does not communicate to the people about dangers to life, limb and health. Fracking and oil drilling results in health effects such as cancer, unending headaches, asthma, rashes, fatigue, etc. The cost for drilling and fracking involves more than simply a hole in the ground, air pollution, and destruction of habitat for all living organisms. We already have a huge problem and cost for medical care, the health of children, adults, pets, farm animals and nature are at stake.


What is the history of oil and gas industry that precedes activities today? Consider the risks from human error, cutting corners, and the break down of old facilities. 



The problems continue because government officials voted into office do not seem to be listening to the voice of the concerned. Perhaps we need to yell a little louder and get together as a strong united voice. 


This Is Our Country: Living with the Wild West Oil Boom


This Is Our Country: Living with the Wild West Oil Boom from Dakota Resource Council on Vimeo.


“It was the way America is suppose to be. Now come look at it.  And it’s all for oil” Those words from rancher Donny Nelson keep echoing through my mind.  Mostly, because one way or another, said in many different accents, I’ve heard them before. I’ve heard them from people interviewed in the Gasland films.


The author of this film spoke with people on the road. He's heard them from people hosting community screenings and people posting on their Facebook wall.

  • "We have seen how fracked crude oil can explode when trains derail. And Bay Area residents have made it clear that they don’t want them here and several projects to bring in crude by rail are on hold because of it."


Josh and the author were fortunate enough to meet Brenda Jorgenson, featured in this film, and her family. She’s got a warm, sweet, mid-western charm, and is also one hell of a fighter.  But when she talks about what is happening to North Dakota, you know she’s lost something she can’t get back.   The America that generations of her family built and the America she worked hard to leave for her children and grandchildren has been destroyed.


Who benefits from all the destruction?

We must ask the hard questions from ourselves. We must ask if people living in areas with oil and shale sacrifice so that the rest of us can turn on my lights, plug in our computers and drive our vehicles?


Whose Lives Are Begin Sacrificed? 

We need to look at the lives of families who are being destroyed like, Steve and Shyla Lipsky, Jeremiah Gee, Louis Meeks, Bob and Lisa Parr, Mike Markham, Calvin Tillman, Scott Ely and countless other families in Denton and Azele, Texas, Dimock, Pennsylvania, Guy, Arkansas and Butler, Pennsylvania. The list of families and place we are sacrificing for this “new energy boom” is growing everyday. 


You and I know that the industry will not stop production. Money is their bottom line; and they report to their stockholders. Caring for state's rights, local communities, individuals, the natural landscape and the earth is not one of their concerns. They deal unethically by withholding information and managing legal loopholes. 


Thank you to Lee Ziesche, Gasland Grassroots Coordinator  His team can only continue to share stories like these with our support. Please consider making a donation to the Gasland team today.

This agenda of big business in not new. Listen to the well spoken citizen back in 2012 who explained clearly the concerns that fracking will cause to the health of people and the environment. Unfortunately, complete greed, uncaring government officials, senators and representatives are presently in the process of FAST TRACKING through the NC legislature hydraulic fracturing that will provide short term limited benefits for the few and leave the landscape destroyed. Compressor stations can discharge methane, nitrous oxide and hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds including formaldehyde and toluene, all of which from the engines and from leaks.

Health effects from the pollutants can range from eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches and nausea to liver, kidney and central nervous system damage. Exposure has higher impacts on people within half a mile of the station.

Cornell Forensics Club Debate
February 4, 2014 "Fracking ll: Should we lift the ban.

Cornell Forensic Society promotes public debate about controversial issues with decorum and civility. For 1 1/2 hours we can learn a little something.  

Published on Feb 25, 2014

  • John Conrad, Conrad Geoscience/PVE Sheffler, LLC, and Independent Oil & Gas Ass'n (IOGA); 
  • Tom Shepstone, Shepstone Mgt/Planning & Research Consultant , formerly with Energy in Depth (EID)
  • Scott Kurkoski, Esq., Represents the Joint Landowner Association of NY and 
  • Jennifer Huntington in lawsuit against Town of Middlefield
  • Prof. Tony Ingraffea, Civil & Environmental Engineering at Cornell, Physicians, Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy 
  • Dr. Sandra Steingraber, Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Ithaca College and Researcher and writer on Economic Determinants of Health
  • Walter Hang, President, Toxics Targeting, Documents contamination associated with oil & gas extraction in N.Y.

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Reading all this and watching all the Videos, pains me and frightens me. What will all this "lust" for dollars by so many varied companies lead us to?

It's time we started learning to live more simpler life. This fast paced life is eating away at our happiness, by making us spin all the time with gadgets, like iPads, iPhones, computers, X box and the list goes on.

Then with all this we are driving a lot using fossil fuel and " fighting for it " in many ways, drilling, mining, Fracking. Not only that, even conquering other countries or planning to do so. Human beings " Quo Vadis". Beware of nature fighting back. It never forgets, remember that.    

Disgusting ,depressing.The lust for money through oil is pushing the earth towards "Doomsday". Solar and wind energy should be considered,even if costly.It is more friendly environmentally.



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