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Obsession implies the marked persistence of an idea in the mind against will. Compulsion implies a strong irrational impulse. Depression, on the other hand, is a different affliction. It is not mentioned as such in Kent but broken into rubrics: Despair, sadness, prostration of mind, loathing of life, death-desire and suicide. The following gives some of the obsessions and compulsions experienced with their remedies : 
(a) Habit of cracking the knuckles, finger-joints-feels compelled to make them crackle : MEPHITIS

(c) Pulls the hair : ARS, BELL, CUPR, LIL-T, MED, MEZ, TARENT.
(d) Kleptomania : Kent gives a long list. Phatak mentions ABS, ART-V, CUR, NUX-V, TARENT.
(e) Washing always her hands : SYPH.
(f) Walking rapidly from anxiety : ARG-MET, FL-AC, SEP.
(g) Impelled to touch things : LYCOPUS-V.
(h) Mania to work always : AUR, BAR-C, HYOS, IGN, CROC, LACH, OP, SEP, TARENT, THUJA.
(i) Tormenting every one with his complaint : ZINC.
(j) Jealosy as foolish as it is irresistible : LACH.
(k) Habit of counting continuously : PHYTO, SIL.
(l) Habit of thumb-sucking : CALC-PHOS, NAT-M, SIL.
(m) Children putting fingers in mouth always : CALC, CHAM, IP. IP 1M has been found to be very useful. The next best is CALC.

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In Daily routine practice we see the washing mania,always washing her hands....
Sir, majaa aa gayaa.

 Thanks Dr Sharma,

After seeing your comment I can say That.....Tum ager saath daine ka vaida karo main yoohi........

Sir, Jodi number one.....

Ailment from is also an important factor behind Obsession & compulsion disorders. Some times we see that a patient washes always her hands ( frequent hand washing ), then it is also imporant to know why she do this? The remedy will be on  strong mental basis.

Sir, very keen and important observation. Always needed.

OCD has been linked to abnormalities with the neurotransmitter serotonin, although it could be either a cause or an effect of these abnormalities.

 Serotonin is thought to have a role in regulating anxiety. To send chemical messages from one neuron to another, serotonin must bind to the receptor sites located on the neighboring nerve cell.

 Beside mental affliction, since it is a biological abnormality, also, so we must think in terms of constitutional treatment in case of OCD.

Thanks Dr Sushil, Always here the constitutional remedy will work.
Some things said not in English cannot be understood by community.


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