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Post Partum Pains of Nursing  Moms

Here are the few Painful 
complaints from which the nursing moms often suffer. Its an effort to
summarise them at a place any addition to it is most welcome.

Abdomen contracted into little painful knots or bunches about size of walnut.: Chamomilla
Strong bearing down pain since delivery : Podophyllum
Discharge of clots and fluid blood in equal proportions with pain.: Sabina
Pain in distant parts from pelvis : Carbo veg
Pains whole body after exhausting lengthy labour : Caullophyllum
Pain worse in groins: Cimicifuga
Pain  Uterus with haemorrhage from irregular contractions : Secale cor
Pain abdomen and uterus  after instrumental delivery : Arnica, Ledum , Hypericum ,Rhustox , Bellis p
Pain uterus with offensive dark black stringy blood : Crotallus hor.
Pain When Nursing the child : Arnica, cham,Con, Puls, Sec, Sil
Pain in sacral region after delivery : Aesculus hip , Hypericum , Rhustox, Bella , Bellis, Phos Sulph.
Pain severe  in calves and soles : Cupr met
Pain pass around pubis and down thighs : Sulph
Pain shoots down thighs:  Lac can
Pain general too painful esp in multipara : Hypericum , Secaler cor
Severe Back ache  with sweat and debility : kali carb
Back ache with bruised feeling :Arnica
Pain at the site of injection : Ledum pal
Pain due to ruptured perenium : Arnica , Calendula
Cervix rupture: Calendula
Uterus Subinvolution : Aur m nat, Calc, Caul, Cimic, croc, ferr iod,
Frax, Helonias d, Hydrastis , Kali brom, Lilium tig, Nat h, Podo,
Sec-cor, Sepia, Ust.

Vagina lesions : Calendula
Vagina Lesions with septic fever : Sul -acid

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POST PARTUM Complaints & Homoeopathy.
The word post partum comes from Latin language where ‘post’ means after and ‘partum’ means birth. It is the stage immediately after the birth. Common complaints of postpartum stage are:

1. PPH or postpartum hemorrhage;

2. Injuries – perineal tears; and

3. Retained Placenta

Post-Partum Hemorrhage

Excessive bleeding after birth is PPH. Sometimes a pull on the umbilical cord after the birth of the child can affect the detachment of placenta resulting in partial separation of the placenta. This leads to PPH.

Non-medicinal management

1. Motivating the mother to push down to expel the placenta;

2. Reassurance to mother with regard to baby and bleeding;

3. Constant monitoring on vitals.

Homoeopathic Remedies

Remedy prescribed as per indications acutely. Some frequently indicated remedies are: Aconite; Belladonna; Chamomilla; Cinchona; Ferrum Metallicum; Ficus; Hamamelis; Ipecacuanha; Millefolium; Sabina; Secale; etc.

Injuries – perineal tears

Mother may suffer some injuries during the course of labour. Most common are perineal tears. These can be treated with local and internal injury remedies from homoeopathic materia medica.

Non-medicinal management

1. Reassurance to mother;

2. Maintenance of aseptic condition with aim to prevent supper-added infection.

Homoeopathic Remedies

Remedy prescribed as per indications acutely. Some frequently indicated remedies are: Arnica; Bellis per; Calendula; Ledum Pal; etc. If the patient has been prescribed his constitutional remedy she healing will be faster.

Retained Placenta

At times, the third stage of labour gets prolonged with placenta not being expelled. The pains may subside after the baby is delivered or patient is too fatigued and exhausted that she does not want to push down.

Non-medicinal management

1. Motivating the mother to push down to expel the placenta;

2. Constant monitoring on vitals.

Homoeopathic Remedies

Remedy prescribed as per indications acutely. Some frequently indicated remedies are: Ars. Alb; Cantharis; Pulsatilla; Sabina; Secale; Sepia; etc.

From this a medicine can be selected easily and accurtely.Thanks.


Thanks a lot sir.
Very strenuous, frightening, painful and emotional times with ups and downs. Elation for having a newborn, yet, new responsibilities for a new life and constant care. Baby's needs above mother's needs. No sleep. Plus, waiting for milk to come in.

Yes Debby That's the biggest sacrifice one can make. Only a mother can do that .

" MAA TUJHE SALAAM "  ( माँ तुझे सलाम) means Mom I salute you for all the pains you have taken to brought me up, for your sacrifices in life, for the pains you suffered , those sleepless nights you woke up for me i can never be like you. I owe my every thing to you.

Granuloma at the site of injection -- Thyroidinum

FDA Warning

FDA Alert [8/17/2007]: FDA has important new information about a very rare, but serious, side effect in nursing infants whose mothers are taking codeine and are ultra-rapid metabolizers of codeine. These babies may be at increased risk for morphine overdose.

Thanks for sharing.

Pain as if everything would come out from uterus : Bella , Kreos, Lilium tig, Sepia, xanthoxy, Podo, Plat, stann, Sulph, Natrum Mur, Lac can.

Bearing down as if something is pushing up : Ferrum iod

Bearing down with urging to urinate: Nux vom , Palladium, Sepia.

Sore and stitching pain in Vagina : Kreosotum

Pain with sensation to go to stools --- Nux vomica

Pain with sensation of ball in inner parts ---- Sepia

Flatus from Vagina: Brom, Lyco, Phos acid, bell, calc, mag c, nat c, nux vom, nux mos, Sang, sepia, Phos.

Aversion to coition Since last delivery : Lyssin

Retained Placenta : Cantharis, Lyco, Sepia, Agnus, Ars,arnica, bell, Hydr, Kali carb, nux,  sec, Sabina


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