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New York Times Community | John Board Has His Say About Obama's Health Care & Influenza

Location, Location, Location!

That is the real estate business and that carries over the 'internet' real estate, too. When you advertise, write an info-mercial, comment on an article written by a well-known personality or in a major newspaper you are reaching a wider audience.

You might also develop a reputation as someone who is a regular and develop your very own following. That is why I am proud to say, John Board, a "homeopathy warrior" is someone out in the front lines making a name for Homeopathy and himself. It will probably be a very long road and climb upwards. He will have to comment and link to a blog on a consistent basis. He will have to formulate his strategy, he core message, and author many article and replies around this theme. In time, the google search engine will find him and list hundreds of articles and opinion pieces written by John Board.

Congratulations John!

The Prescription From Obama’s Own Doctor
President Obama should tune out the A.M.A.’s position on the public insurance option as part of health reform and reach out instead to somebody he’s often trusted for medical advice.

Reading the comments about this article one paragraph stood out for me.

"The Medical-Industrial Complex, which includes the AMA, is already beginning to pump obscene amounts of money into a campaign of fear and smear, as they did in the early years of the Clinton Administration. Their partners in that campaign on the Republican right are beating their drums louder than ever, putting out the message that a public plan equals socialism, lack of "choice" (ironic, isn't it?), and poor quality health care.

The AMA and the Medical Industrial Complex has been spending millions every year in two areas 1. Raising doubts and fighting against possible benefits of all other systems of healing. In fact since about 1850 has warred with and denounced Homeopathy which is proven through use to be more effective than pharmaceuticals in most cases and has not side effects and a low cost. 2. Co-opted Coerced Governments to legislate against other systems of healing and insisted that it be the arbiter of what is good and bad for people with regards to health services and the pharmaceuticals accepted for public consumption. The WHO is the triumph of this tower of fear mongering and deception.

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The Prescription From Obama’s Own Doctor
Go to Comment #161. John Board Toronto, Canada June 25th, 2009 1:37 pm

In a more recent post John Comments on this article | Preparing for the Swine Flu | What does Dr. Edward Bach say? | #45 #homeopathy Click the link and Recommend Reading once you sign in Here is what Dr. Edward Bach the renowned English doctor who brought the world the Bach Flower remedies said regarding fear.

“In this age the fear of disease has developed until it has become a great power for harm, because it opens the door to those things we dread and makes it easier for their admission. Such fear is really self-interest, for when we are earnestly absorbed in the welfare of others there is no time to be apprehensive of personal maladies. Fear at the present time is playing a great part in intensifying disease, and modern science has increased the reign of terror by spreading abroad to the general public its discoveries, which as yet are but half-truths.” Written in 1931 and applicable today as the WHO and the Governments of the world use the willing media to spread panic and fear regarding the Swine flu and vaccinations which may be dangerous in the short and long run for all who take them.

Flu of any kind is handled effectively, safely and inexpensively by Homeopathy for over 200 years using the same remedies for the symptoms of each epidemic or pandemic. The remedies have no side effects and work quickly to support the immune system to do its work. The remedies are simple to make and cost effective. They are all currently available at most Natural Health Stores. They even have a recommended preventative for this current flu: Arsenicum 6C.

I have the nausea and flu remedy Anas Barbaraie in my Hollywood Survival Kit which is taken at the first sign of flu symptoms. It is excellent and the thousands who use it will attest to this. Under the trade name of Oscillococcinum it is sold worldwide.

I suggest we are being railroaded using fear mongering and misinformation about flu and this serves the pharmaceutical industry and is a dis-service to the peoples of the world; financially crippling and detrimental to our health.

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