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A case of Face wart of 1 years duration, relieved in one week by
Causticum 0/1 hair transmission. Warts start falling down in one week only. Basis of selection of medicine was just appearance as I have cured such wart in many patients with Causticum.

Oh Great this case has again come to my clinic referring the another patient of Similar wart

Similar Case Cured by Causticum 0/1 Transmission in 15 days.

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I am doing my practice exclusively with Drug Transmission/hair transmission and getting wonderful results with evidences. Dr.Hahnemann in his life time had experimented successfully other than oral method of administering medicine viz, touch and olfaction. He might have thought that homeopathic medicine is in the form of energy and energy is not a commodity to be fed by mouth, isn't it. Energy can be transformed or transmitted in many ways. I may not explain how it works but thousands of patients and doctors are experience this in India.
You are speculating / doubting its efficacy because u have never witnessed THIS TYPE OF EXPERIMENT IN YR PRACTICE, either due to lack of its knowledge, ego or anything else. Dr.Hahnemann once said " TRY MY METHOD AND FEARLESSLY PUBLISH THE FAILURE " I offer the same for this method.
Regarding "This is not homoeopathic cure according to Hahnemann " This is your verdict, not of Hahnemann, I am doing this practice with strict individualization, analysis and evaluation of symptom, repertorisation and above all with SINGLE MEDICINE.( no repertorisation in this case as it was a one sided diseases.
My patients doesn't know what are regulations of HWC and if they are getting results with my homeopathic medicine , who cares.
Forgive me if my words are hard, because I am a honest believer of Drug Transmission.
Jai Hahnemann
Dear Dr Ravi Singh,
Drug transmission, effective or not effective, is no Homeopathy.I agree with Dr Gary.
Why no homeopathy if all is done according to strict Hahnemanian Method, except mode of administering. And who is the authority to Label a case Homeopathic or other.
It is very unfortunate that homeopaths often talks during seminars that there should be researches in homeopathy, and this greatest research in homeopathy/medicine that transmitting a medicine from a distance is always condemned by HOMOEOPATHS withou TRYING OR APPLYING OR WITNESSING IN PRACTICE. Is it logical to say it is not working without practical experiment.
If U are a true classical Hahnemannian homeopath then first try(with exact method ), it then publish yr failure in this forum, I ill appreciate u, (can not u spare only 5 patient out of yr thousands).
In Europe there is now a days wars against homeopathy, they say Homeopathy is placebo, what u will say to them, EXPERIMENT WITH OUR GUIDELINES WITH PATIENTS/PRACTICAL CASES< THEN SAY IT IS PLACEBO, then WHY ALL ARE BECOMING SO IRRITABLE without TRYING Or APPLYING IT
Dear Dr. Ravi, no doubt choosing medicine on basis of individualization,reportorial analysis and ADMINISTERING on given method is truly homeopathic [which you also claim to do].Olefactin,oral or touching medicine on skin all have same pathways of action and strongly advocated by D
Dear Dr. Ravi,
Our body has various type of energy , good and bad. If our hair has the capacity to transmit an energy, then all we are transmiting our energy ( good and bad) without intruption.!!
This is pure fantasy !! and it is the time to stop with this quackery.
Dear Madam Resnick,
Yes , we transmit energy , but not through our hair ...
They claim that a person can be treated successfully from distance.
The phenomenon involved is complicated. Hahnemann never talked about it.
Now it will be better if we should discuss other Important Homeopathic subjects, rather than discussing this issue,which is Barmuda triangle [exists or not??????] who knows????????????
Yes Hahnemann never Talked about this, because this was a Discovery By a Well known Homeopath of Patna,India Dr.B.Sahni in 1967 only.
Dr. Hahnemann was a great scientist and experimenter, he has done experiments in whole life that is reflected in different editions of Organon of medicine, From mother Tincture to Potency, from low to High potency, miasm, obstacle to cures, LM scale , water/ sucussion dose .
Did u stop yrself with 99 provings of Hahnemann, then why are not u experience it in yr clinic with patients then say I have used this prescribed method and IT DID'T work
Gina Tyler Says"Homeopaths are ignorant in the ways of true-energy transmission-yet they use it on a daily basis when dispensing their prescriptions. "
These funny assumption good bad energy transmission, what will happen if our hairs are put in garbage comes in mind until u really witness its action, by true scientific spirit by FIRST TRYING AND EXPERIMENT PRACTICALLY.
We are transmitting only potentised medicine9 well selected according to Hahnemannian method, even mother tinctures are not transmiited.
How can we restrict a True scientific experiment with fixed parameters defined earlier , a new thing must first be adopted with practical experiment rather theoretical Hypothesis.
I was in same position as u when I have first heard about it, but I experimented and got results hence gradually adopted this method in my private practice.


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