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Debby, Recently I had a question about homeopaths in a certain locality and of course, it was very natural for me to check with you first...after all, 'that all-knowing Debby will surely know.'

It is such a joy to see the HWC growing, full of fresh energy, and the members always quite ready to help each other with a spirit of friendship.

As the webmaster, Debby, I know you have put in a lot to make this site what it is today and for your service of bringing homeopaths from all over the world together in this community, we can only say, "THANK YOU SO MUCH"

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Thank you for thinking of me Vatsala. HWC is about serving the community.
I totally agree with Vatsala. She expressed about HWC forum very well and Debby all your efforts are greatly appreciated.
Indeed there is never a dull moment. Although Debby needs to make sure she sleeps and doesnt burn out because she puts in so much work.

Getting into my top websites is a rare thing as a I have really particular tastes when it comes to visiting websites. HWC did it easily, I am glad to be here and love the content and people.

Walking forwards together with the banner of PRO-Homeopathy!
Thank you lovely Vatsala. I hope everything is "green" and flourishing. Love, Debby
Green? !!! You must be dreaming, Debby. Vermont is still pure white. Yesterday we had icy rains causing statewide school closures.

But, when you see one patient crying and veiling 90 % less with one dose of 30 c Ign and another patient stop complaining about his sensitive, crowned teeth, worse from mastication, on just a few doses of Calc Phos 30c, you being to wonder, dream, become hopeful, and a greater degree of optimism dawns on your psyche regarding the whole future of Homeopathy. That is the state I am in right now, and in that state, the baby green colors of the Spring do not seem that far, even though, another two months of snowy winter have to pass.

All the best, my friend, and as always, many thanks and deep appreciation from your work. .
Everybody those who have joined HWC are enthusiastic and energetics to participate in debates and discussions. But want of time is the only factor for them who are not an active member, so in think.


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