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Dear friends
I have a question in my mind and i have asked many of my colleagues, Can't
we have only one organisation all over World who can work for
Homoeopaths, Homoeopathy and Humanity. Instead of so many associations
mushrooming all over.
 This way we can put up our thoughts well in front of public forums, governments, and concerning authorities will listen us also . Remember Unity is the strength of any community. For Homoeopathy Community Lets Stand together on one common platform. I need to know what you people think about.
Dr. Vikas Verma

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No question of any objection Debby, Thanks for giving it the right Category.
That's very true Debby.
Dear Dr Vikas, I appreciate your interest to have only one association for the homeopaths worldwide. I also had the same feeling before. We are human beings; hence different groups are formed due to difference in categories and attitudes. Politics, ego, regionalism, emotional, financial and other influences complicate the situation. The same thing happens in each and every field.

Suppose there is an association ‘A’. A few members among this association may not get a position or they may feel that their idea is not given much value; hence they form another association ‘B’. The fight between ‘A’ and ‘B’ continues for a long time. Seeing this horrible situation, some members start thinking about a common platform that can reunite ‘A’ and ‘B’. But, most of the leaders of ‘A’ and ‘B’ will not support your idea, but others may join you. Finally, instead of forming a common association, a new association ‘C’ will be formed. The same story may continue!

The only possibility is, there can be a friendly relationship among these associations. A healthy competition can also provide more energy to do more for homeopathy. The activity of each association is finally going to benefit homeopathy. I am a member of 3 different associations. I support them and make use of their seminars and workshops. We should also have the same attitude towards different schools. Ignore the political clashes between them; take good ideas from them. After all, our final destination is the same!
Yes , Dr.Rafeeque what ever you said is the true picture of the society, and the solution you gave is also appreciable. Lets see how many like minded people like this thought.

Dr.Amir,you are very true. This website is binding all of us as one. Thanks Debby!


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