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Dear friends
I have a question in my mind and i have asked many of my colleagues, Can't
we have only one organisation all over World who can work for
Homoeopaths, Homoeopathy and Humanity. Instead of so many associations
mushrooming all over.
 This way we can put up our thoughts well in front of public forums, governments, and concerning authorities will listen us also . Remember Unity is the strength of any community. For Homoeopathy Community Lets Stand together on one common platform. I need to know what you people think about.
Dr. Vikas Verma

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Thats true Dr.Vikas, but where will all the politicians go?
That's a Big question? IMA (Indian Medical Association) is such a big organisation in INDIA of allopathic doctor's, people, media, local governing authorities, and government all listen to them. As we are less in number and look at the irony we are divided all over in different organisations. So why the government will listen to us? What should we do?
It is exactly the same in Pakistan. Nobody is willing to listen to us.
We should prove that we are able to manage successfully every case acute or chronic. Actually we are divided. Everybody claims that his/her method of prescription is the right one. All others are wrong. That is why we are rolling stones.
If we see the things from our end it looks good, but actually it is not so. The amount of corruption,etc have let IMA to dissolve. Now the govt of India directly controls everthing. IMA is just a body with no powers.
This is much larger question than simply talking about homeopaths and homeopathic organizations. You know that we are reflection of society. If there is fragmentation, protectionism of turf, etc., then people cannot become cohesive whole. Harmony on both levels is fine-tuned balance. Thus, for diversity we need many; for cohesiveness we need unity and cooperation.
you are absolutley right Debby.
The name of the game is "Money". Economics is the main deciding factor...Homeopathy and homeopaths will never be on common platform as there is no money to spare..and worst of all we homeopaths think doing charitable act by means of homeopathy is long as we do not change our thinking and practice homeopathy as paid service rather than a religious service (there are many who says its their religion and organon is bible etc), homeopathy is not going to see its full potential... For homeopathy to be accepted by everybody, it has to be presented with authority of knowledge.

Thats true, though it is not the point of discussion here, yet I should mention that there should be no charity until and unless the patient himself says he cannot pay. Many patients come and say they can't pay but in their background they are rich. This covers a mental symptom, i.e. MISER---Lycopodium.
Please see the new video ONE VOICE, which shows the attempt to answer your question by gathering people from all organizations together to create a unified voice.
Thanks Debby, It is very close to what i think.
Dear Dr Vikas. I hope you don't mind that I changed the Category from Political to Inspiration for Our Future. I do believe that the world is beginning to change, whether is will spin on its axis the other way, I don't know. However, the movement toward understanding, natural methods, living in harmony with nature and the environment, realizing what everyone has to offer as gifts to make this a better world encourages us to keep going with our work. More positive outlook during difficult times in history.


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