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Glands enlarged:

The glands of neck were large and hard, the parotids especially; she had foetid otorrhoea; her eyes were inflamed and suppurating; there were fissures at the corner of the eyes; her lips were cracked and bleeding and she had salt rheum at the ends of fingers. This remedy cured  ~ Cistus canadensis

 ~ Dr. J. T. Kent







Commonly called, Rock Rose, this deep acting psoric remedy addresses all areas listed by Kent, what we might label herpetic eruptions and chronic swellings. Note the sensitivity to cold and the localization of impairment of the eyes and nose. In addition, we think of Canadensis as a cancer remedy that may heal poisoned wounds, bites, ulcers besides glands.

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where is the long list of mental/emotionals?



Dear Sajjad. This is simply "Tip of Day" words from Masters.

These tips are useful, reliable and helpful in clinical practice.




At the same time Kent has asked us not to get trapped and not to try our Rx, on the basis of our previous case experience.

Every case is a new case for us, and our Rx can be based on individuality of the current case.The probability that our new case may also be a case of Cistus canadensis, always exist.

I also found Kali-m to be helpful when swelling in neck glands affect ear and hearing.

Thanks for sharing this tip..

One peculiarity of cistus can is that the inspired air feels cold near the uvula , few doses in 6 potency cures it have noticed this when there is symptoms of allergy and catarrh is formed post nasal making the part drip with mucus and when air is inhaled it seems only that part of the mouth seems cold.

Very interesting small rubric. How many people you know experienced this one symptom? 

I my self had this since many years and was trying to find a remedy for it

Cistus can

Introduction . Rock Rose A deep-acting anti-psoric remedy. with marked action in glandular affections. herpetic eruptions. chronic swellings. when patient is extremely sensitive to cold. Sensation of coldness in various parts. Scrofulous ophthalmia. Poisoned wounds. bites. phagedenic ulcers. Malignant disease of the glands of the neck. Cistus has affinity for naso-pharynx; aborts colds that center in posterior nose. Sniffling.

Other remedies that have the similar symptom

Aesculus - nose - dry; Inspired air feels cold, nasal passages sensitive to it
CORALLIUM Respiratory. Inspired air feels cold (cistus)
LITHIUM CARBONICUM Respiratory. air feels cold when Inspired

I am more interested in the symptoms the patient says he / she is suffering in the present .
For allergies specially its like a pattern sneezing ,- post nasal cattarh , - then sore throat - then if still not treated wheezing ,
Specially post nasal cattarh is when the mucus drips and gets collected in the mouth just one question to them is take a deep breath and which part feels cold and they would say post nasal part centres the uvula.
People I know with this maybe out of every 100 cold cases 70 because here allergy is common and post nasal drip is just a symptoms after the cold attack.
And I am more interested to find a solution to kids / adult that has cold attacks 4 times a month with fever to stop to 2 then 1 and then cold in seasons change of only.

Cistus can is really effective in people who are sensitive to cold air like from outside temp hot and inside cold due to Ac immediately feel worse as when the air is inspired if you ask they will say this cold air centres in the tip in the mouth. - cistus
Small rubrics give excellent result but it takes lot of patience to find them but when you find it in a given case just one dose works very good.


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