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i have always wondered right from my college days if we as homeopaths can handle acute attacks of asthma. In allopathic treatment Deriphyllin or decodron or both are usually used during nebulization . So as homeopaths why cant we use homeopathic medicines as nebulizing agents to produce faster results - in case of acute asthmatic attacks !!
This is just a thought? Is there anyone who is doing such a treatment ? Can we do this? is it right to do it ? If we can do it how ?

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Dr Nishant ~ Please view a June 2009 blog about this issue. Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz has been using this technique and told us about his methods in May.
Dear Dr.Debby,

Thank you for that wonderful information which will help to head start on my new experiment . Let me know if you do get some more information regarding this. I am trying to contact Dr.Mumtaz regading this.
Dear Nishant,
These kind of attitudes will dilute the genuineness of Homoeopathy.
If we start to use as like allopaths in nebulizing techniques then after some days some may ask for y dont we use injections in homoeopathy and so on it will go and atlast you may be in the line of allopathy, then the originality of homoeopathy will be lost.

Try to understand and practice what our master has left to us, that is enough for ever. i m sure we can handle asthma with our simple waterdose methods.

Don't try to be smarter than Hahnemann, What ever you think he would have already tried - Dr.Luc De Schepper.
Dear Dr.Charuvahan,

Thank you for the prompt reply. I was expecting such a kind of reply from many :). If i am right Olfaction is also a mode of adminitration of homeopathic medicines. By nebulization i am not changing the principles of homeopathy i am just changing the mode of adminitartion. When distance healing, reiki are widely accepted why not this. Say for example i chose Blatta for a patient based on his presentingg complaints and there is a situation when in oral administration is impossible due to some growth or anomaly in the throat then olfaction can give relief in times of acute asthmatic or any respiratory attacks. only the mode of administration not the principles of homeopathy.
4 year old child sitting in the waiting room of your clinic suddenly develops an asthmatic attack is gasping for breath due to broncho constriction . Patient accompanied by his uncle who hardly knows why this happened , what would you do ? You might just prescribe some acute remedy which might or might not give relief or you might refer the patient to an allopath stating its an emergency. You cant just give a medicine and wait doubting whether it will give relief >> you might even lose the patients life in five minutes. Lets be practical . Hahnemann has laid the seed we need to water the plant. If hahnemann was alive he would made more discoveries unlike us
Let me quote u another example :

Patient waiting in your consultation room collapses - unconcious .. u dont know why ? No relatives accompanied the patient .. respiration is mormal , heart sounds stable ?? lets for get the cause ? The nearby hospital is far off . What would u do doc ??
This is not a cooked us story, these are incidents that happened in my grandgfather's clinic in a small town in Vellore ( His name Dr.L.M.Joseph). He took a HOmeopathic medicine called Amyl Nitrate dabbed the tincture in cotton and kept it near the nose of the patient . The patient get up in 10 seconds . He is more famous than allopaths in that small town .
What would you so for scorpion bite and snake bites?

You are given only half to one hour to save the patient ( Depending to site of the bite ) . Dr.L.M.Joseph has seen more than 1000 patients and not even one has failed. He gives IV infusions of Ledum, ars, natrum mur echenesia. depending on the case which saves the patient with in seconds
Infact allopathic doctors refer their patient to him to revive the patient. I have seen this in my own eyes. I am Talking about real acute cases which is cannot follow theories always .
Dear Nishant,
U are right, Olfaction is one of the modes of administration of homoeopathic drug but hahnemann adviced such kind of administration for hypersensitive patients mostly and also the remedy which is indicated as a whole . If u use it in nebulizer it is a local application, I hope u know about the suppressive effects of such local applications, Is it right to drive the symptom in to deeper pathology through local application?.

Giving examples of cases is quite easy for every homoeopathic practioner, They do what they have learned and understood. Even i have successfully handled cases of asthma, acute pancreatic colics and intussuception with single medicine and water dose administration.

Even in bites i have seen patients getting relieved from single medicines.

Acute or chronic what ever the cases may be, if the physician is sound enough in Hahnemannian philosophy (organon)he can cure with principles accordingly.... If not He search for an excuse ...

Hahnemann is still alive in the hearts of each and every true homoeopaths.

Principles are not theories, Each principle carries thousands of experiences by Hahnemann... so believe and follow Hahnemann.

Don't try to be smarter than Hahnemann, What ever you think he would have already tried - Dr.Luc De Schepper.

Thanks my friend, for giving the oppurtunity to discuss.
Thank you , for the information doc ,
Application of homeopathics by means of ;
2-drops of a wetdose in the eyes
3-long distance hair transmission
4-holding the remedy in your hand
5- application of remedy to a photo
6-wearing a remedy in a vile around your neck
7-drops of homeowetdose in anus/vagina
many more...................all apply to dispensing homeopathics
why is this possible?
because you are moving energy,not matter
homeopathic remedies are energy
diseases are caused by energy imbalances
thank you Dr.Gina


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