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i have always wondered right from my college days if we as homeopaths can handle acute attacks of asthma. In allopathic treatment Deriphyllin or decodron or both are usually used during nebulization . So as homeopaths why cant we use homeopathic medicines as nebulizing agents to produce faster results - in case of acute asthmatic attacks !!
This is just a thought? Is there anyone who is doing such a treatment ? Can we do this? is it right to do it ? If we can do it how ?

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No need to side backwards and use allopathics for such symptoms.
If the proper casetaking was done meaning a analysis of physical/mental/emotional symptoms there should be a protocal set forth that undertakes the patients constitutional prescription.

Acute satelite remedies may be used forsuch acute attacks untill allopathics are weaned off.
Dr. S.K. Banerjea of Calcutta India has writen documentation of this.
Try and use the google search to find his articles-
Let me know if you have trouble locating it-
Regards stopping allopathics for asthma-Aim for 10% less in 6 months – long weaning off period, takes time.

If they are put on a constitutional homeopathic remedy, but they are inhaler dependent, then use Tincture to help them decrease inhaler dependency. If inhaler dependent = “status asthmaticus” – “got to do something” to help breathing as can’t do without!

Use the homeopathic constitutional remedy first – this will cover all the symptoms anyway, the tincture will assist as it is organopathic and helpful to the lungs.

Need to try and withdraw steroids, Homoeopathy won’t work if steroid dependent, need to try and withdraw steroids.

Balance Homoeopathy with Bronchodilators with withdrawal. Law of Similiars acting on physiological level. Use tincture if allopathic drug dependent and start withdrawal 50-60% = get more symptoms.

As soon as patient is clear of SOS medicine – mental ability to reflect on symptoms is better, need to get more symptoms.

Steroids mask the patients symptoms.
Dear Dr.Gina,

Thank you doc for your prompt reply . I was infact impressed seeing your photos of Bali and you excellent service. I clearly understand what you said above.. in fact i too currently follow the same kind of treatment for my patients . Kindly ready my reply to Dr.Charuvahan and let me know your comments.
i am myself from small town in nepal and i have to see several acute cases daily and i have to sometimes
use allopathic medicines and mixed homeomedicines to relieve patients immediately.for acute asthma
i refer them for nebulisation and give blatta o, senega.,yerba santa,lobelia,mixed in water frequently
i get very good result for short period.
in our part of world you cannot survive if you dont quickly relief the patients in acute cases.
Dear Dr. Homeopathy is always open to experiments, as path shown by Dr. Hahnemann ,he made many changes and addition to Organon during his life is rediculous if any body is against ,experiments[in science].olefaction is proven method and that can be used in acute asthma also.
thank u doc for your support.
Dear Dr. Nishant nebulizing in Homoeopathy is not agains the basic principle of homoeopathy, this method of admistration of the medicine is already mention by our master Dr. Samual Hahnemann. known as the olfaction route of administration. But why only in the case of asthma this method should be used. I think this should be used wherever necessary, but strictly on the law of similia.
Dear friend,
why nebulization with homeopathy???????. Homeopathic medicine can act faster than nebulization in oral doses itself. I have seen many times it in my practice. Recently acute attack of asthma
of a child, who reside in USA but was on trip to India,had violent attacks of asthma. we give her Ipecac 10 m 3 doses ,after considering symptoms, she was immediately improved. she now in my treatment and doing well. I think many of us has similar stories to share.
Wel, I do not use nebulization as such, but I use a spray in the oral cavity, vestible or gums, wherever it falls, of dogs, cats or horses. It i sa simple way of medicating, and in very reluctant animals who won't take the spray in the mouth, I instruct the owner to spary it near the nose, so the patient will inhale the spray. It works wonderfully.
Greetings from Mexico.


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