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A book by Dr. Debasish Kundu and Dr. Malik Awan has been published by Kruger Brentt Publisher UK. LTD. 

Below is the Foreword of this book by

Rui Oliviera Famous Homeopath from Portugal:

From the first existence of human life on the planet that one of the primary concerns focused on health and wellness , and subsequent treatment of the disease . According to World Health Organization (WHO), disease is defined as “ a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity .” According to the world organization, health is much more than not having an infection, inflammation , a physical trauma ... is a complete state of physical, mental and social well- being. Since the appearance of allopathy , the focus of attention was always the disease and not the person who has the disease . The consequent specialization within allopathy with the respective compartmentalization  treatment  of certain organs / body systems , made conventional doctors look the patient as a disease in an organ or system and not as someone who has his health affected in a whole. How many are those who search our help in complementary and alternative medicine consultation, and their complaints are “I’m not well”; but allopathic evaluation and diagnostic tests reveals nothing wrong according to pattern which is considered normal. And these people are sick - do not have a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being! Since the beginning of humanity, extensive range of sciences and methods of diagnosis and appropriate  treatment  of absence of physical, mental and social well-being were developed. Many of them obviously with social, cultural and religious influences from the area of the planet they lived. Some of these sciences resorted to fauna, flora, minerals and developed specific techniques for use in the restoration of the affected states of people. Is there only one correct way to diagnose and treat all altered states of health? Is there any medicine infallible treating people? There are several ways to treat a human being? We don’t need to think hard to answer these questions. Ancient people made their diagnoses and treatments  with ancestral knowledge and treatments that nature brought them. The life expectancy of a human being lies in eighty years .... too little time to apprehend so much knowledge; because perhaps the ideal, complete and full way to approach a state of physical, mental and social imbalance.... is using all forms already known and developed by man. However, all of them have given us concrete evidence (and many with scientific studies to prove it) that several complementary and alternative medicines HEAL! In Europe, when something new comes along, people usually are skeptical, suspicious. It is said that first it is strange, then guts up.In Portugal for example, after several decades is now accepted by the medical community and the public in general that hospitalized patients with cancer or neurosurgical pathologies, significantly improve after Reiki sessions ... The Republic of Ireland, for nearly a decade that is already possible that admitted to hospital persons request evaluation and treatment by a homeopath, inside that same hospital ... In India, homeopathy goes hand in hand with conventional medicine. And in many situations both complement each other in accordance with allopathic and homeopathic practitioners. In remote regions of Mongolia, there is only the healer who makes the diagnosis by ancient wisdom and use its remedies made from local herbs. And people not only improve, they HEAL! Over time people will realize, accepting and believing in alternative therapies to allopathic medicine, not least for the victories that these alternative medicines have demonstrated over time. Unlike western medicine, alternative and complementary medicines are not intend to suppress the disease, but to restore the balance of that body. And in balanced body, there is no disease. There is only a state of physical, mental and social well-being!!! In this book the authors have compiled some of the many forms of diagnosis, known forms of treatment, to develop a state of full balance. This work started in the 80s, now sees an update and complementation in this third edition. To the authors, people devoted to study, research, development of natural medicine, my sincere congratulations and a very special thanks to this fabulous legacy. Wish you all a great and exciting reading.

Dr. Rui Oliveira

MSc HOM MED, MSc Sensation Method, NHDTP,

Editorial Member

International Journal of Homeopathy & Natural Medicines


    Preface to the Second Edition    
    Preface to the Third Thoroughly Revised Edition    
1.    Introduction    1
2.    Acupressure    5
3.    Acupuncture    7
4.    Alexander Technique    17
5.    Aromatherapy    23
6.    Astromedicine    37
7.    Ayurveda    55
8.    Bach Flower Medicine    73
9.    Biochemic Medicine    77
10.    Biofeedback    85
11.    Chakra Healing    89
12.    Chiropracty and Osteopathy    95
13.    Dowsing    99
14.    Electrohomoepathy    107
 15.    Feng Shui    115
16.    Gem and Crystal Therapy    123
17.    Herbology or Unani    139
18.    Holistic Medicine    155
19.    Homeopathy    165
20.    Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy    203
21.    Inner Healing    219
22.    Iridology    223
23.    Meditation    227
24.    Magnetotherapy    235
25.    Massage Therapy    241
26.    Medical Gymnastics    255
27.    Music Therapy    257
28.    Pranic Healing    271
29.    Pyramid Healing    275
30.    Qigong    281
31.    Reiki    291
32.    Rudraksh Therapy    303
33.    Shiastsu    311
34.    Siddha Medicine    315
35.    Spiritual Health    341
36.    Tantra Healing    347
37.    Vastu    353
38.    Yoga and Naturopathy    357
39.    Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Herbs and Shrubs    365
    Glossary of English Terms    447
    Glossary of Sanskrit Terms    451
    Bibliography    453

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