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We have knowledge that the substances used both as mother tinctures and potencies are composed of a combination of elements. For example, Natrum muraticum [NaCL] is composed of two elements. 

Why are homeopaths against the use of combination remedies?  

Seniors plz write detailed comments.

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According to homeopathic principles only those drugs are reliable and can be given to patients which are extensively proved on healthy people not the diseased persons and animals .The symptoms produced during proving are reliable guide for homeopathic prescriptions because it is found that drugs capable of causing derangement in human body both on physical and mental/ emotional level when given in small quantity to the patient can remove the same set of symptoms.
Because combinations are not proved therefore cannot be prescribed homeopathically as we do not know what kind of changes they can produce in healthy persons .That is why we do not encourage their use.

The combinations are said to be palliative and can never cure any disease. They are prescribed on disease name which is discouraged in homeopathy.


Dear Friend Amir Saleem,

Mother Tincture & Potentiased Medicines are proved on healthy human being & their symptoms are collect in the form of M.M.While the combinations are not proved.

A mother tincture is actually a combination of several chemicals. But it is a combination made by the nature. Hence, it has got a unique quality. Nux vomica contains strychnine, but the proving of nux vom is different from that of strychnine as a separate drug! Similarly, the provings of these natural combinations have been done systematically. We do not know the combined action of nux vom and lycopodium. More than that, most of the combinations marketed as "homeopathic medicine" are prepared by mixing different medicines in potentized form. Mixing the substances in the crude form and followed by potentization may be more advisible than mixing drugs in different potencies. But, this can also complicate due to difficulties in drug proving. Since we are satisfied with the well proved drugs we have, there is no need for making more complications by these combinations!
Natural combinations are potentized and proved on apparently healthy persons. This becomes a remedy for homoeopathic use. E.g. Causticum combined by Hahnemann and then potentizes.
Homoeopathic combinations as all know are mixing up of two or more medicines. They are not proven firstly, as also mentioned by others in the discussion. The second point is it is against the law of homoeopathy as stated by Hahnemann. Hahnemann says administer single medicine at a time.
Aphorism 272 ---"In no case is it requisite to administer more than one single, single medicinal substance at a time."
FN --- "Some homoeopathists have made the experiment, in cases where they deemed one remedy homoeopathically suitable for one portion of the symptoms of a case of of disease, and a second for another portion, of administering both remedies at the same or almost at the same time; but I earnestly deprecate such a hazardous experiment, which can never be necessary, though it may sometimes seem to be of use."
So, if Hahnemann has already mentioned this as Hazardous in his writings, then there should be no question regarding it. Why will we commit the same mistakes which others committed and proved hazardous? We learn from mistakes and not repeat it.
Very Interesting Question, But the answer is obvious. Prescription of medicine in single and simple form is advocated in homoeopathy and  medicines prescribed in combinations by mixing them together is not ethicaly advised in homoeopathy. They are against the principle of Homoeopathy.

Pharmacies gives clinical trials and they are all bogus.


Dr Amir,

I do not know much about electrohomeopathy.Medicines are available here.They are expensive and are  in globules form.Electrohomeopathy is not popular anywhere in the world.They are all combinations.


This is the latest report about electro homoeopathy, published in homoeotimes magazine:

Law & Principles of Electro-Homoeopathy are totally different than Homoeopathy.Homoeopathy works on Similia -similibus & curenter while the Electro-Homoeopathy on complex-complexia----

Combinations are presently not only promoting by all Manufacturers/ Pharmacies but also frequently using by several Homoeopaths, frequently using in several medical college OPD's. Several STALWARTS are also behind this GAME. We all  know these things & We are just TOM-DICK-HARRY for all of them.

What any  can do to STOP these NONSENCES???

Sorry to say ----ONLY DISCUSSIONS.....:-)

For last many years I am fighting against combo prescribers. Unfortunately I failed. They are forced to use combinations due to difficulty in case taking and remedy selection. In educational institutions they are not trained well. Busy practitioners have no time to sort out medicines for every patient within 5 minutes because patient do not wait for more than5-10 minutes and you know in spite of the computer analysis facilities they cannot afford that much time. That is the main difficulty. My personal experience is that single remedy works faster than combinations provided the selection is correct.


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