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Natrum Muriaticum as we all know is someone who has been wounded in childhood, or received not enough love and then has built a wall to protect his sensitivity.
This is a part of the story.
My question is: could it be that these people want to obtain again appreciation, love and self confidence by developing their intellectual abilities? They begin to read, to study, etc...
Do you have this impression to?

Thank you very much and sorry for my poor English.


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Thnx joy, I agree your point of view.

To be honest, I asked this on the forum because I am a Nat-m and have lots of time spending on reading studying and writing.
I certainly recognize myself also in the type 5 of the Enneagram that gathers knowledge to " be accepted and loved" , that's why I wanted to know if that could be a general characteristic of Nat m.
PS; For me personally, reading and writing is more a way to fill a rather isolated way of life in a pleasant and useful way , so I thought that maybe there are other Nat-m people who like "acquiring knowledge".
PPS.Please don't think i am unhappy! Y am living a good life! :-)

I agree with this approach and at this stage we will probably see a nice well-educated person who is doing his best to be able to cope with this "wild" world and it will be hard for the normal person to see the isolated over-sensitive side of Nat-m which will be covered by knowledge and trying to help other people. They don't give up easily and they keep on trying.

>> Natrum Muriaticum as we all know is someone who has been wounded in childhood, or received not enough love and then has built a wall to protect his sensitivity.

was that brought out in the proving? WOW, -- or is it phantasy, and because we like it we believe its true.


I agree with you that Natrum Mur person usually have history of wounded(emotionally) in childhood. But its not necessary to be present in every cases of Natrum Mur.

As per my view, "why they do" is more important rather than "what they do".

I mean to say, you will find many people with hobby of reading and studying. Reading or studying is not important to judge medicine. But why do they like to read is more important.

You will get many answer to why, and I think that will reflect real feeling and medicine of patient.

Many people read to gain knowledge, other just to pass the time with no other option to do.

But Natrum Mur personality will do anything to isolate his sensitivity from rest of world. Whether its reading, being alone or anything else.

So, You can ask yourself why do you like to read? :-)

One way or another going through the process of birth can be seen as traumatic. A possible conclusion would be, that every patient needs a dose of Arnica to remove the adverse effects it my have at present, even if they are not evident.  but in reality, -- its the signs and symptoms of disease which are present now, which give us the indication for the remedy now needed, and that is primarily all homeopathy is concerned with. It is the patient who needs help now, not i the past, --.

So, such theories are more of a hinderence than help to find the correct remedy.

If personality is as symptom of disease, then having no personality would mean the person is healthy.  In that sense a correct remedy would take away personality, -- non of my patients want to have their personality taken away. Homeopathic remedies on the other side have not brought about personality changes in their provings, -- so, -- we cannot determine remedies on personality types.

I understand that psychology is a very interesting field, homeopaths are not psychologists, unless they have enough training in the field.


I accept that I am not psychologist. But I have studied psychology and it has helped me a lot in day to day practice.

Birth history are obviously important, but as per psychology environment has also many impact on person as his age progresses. I don't believe that medicine of a person remains same for life time.

And yeah, personality is not a symptom of disease. But it helps to understand the disease process as in psychosomatic diseases.

I was not talking about changing personality, its all about finding a correct remedy.


good, you got it right.

Have a look at our genuine homeopathy international on facebook:

Cheers, Hans


Would like to be part of that group.

Ok, You are welcome!


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