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Natrum Carb: Journey Of An Alcoholic from Affectionate and Benevolence to Antisocial

A: Affectionate, Benevolent, Passionate Person with ability for Philosophy. Gradually shows the following changes
A: Absorbed in thoughts.
A: Abstraction of mind (This is often seen).
A: Anger with irritability, His rage may often lead to violent deeds.
A: Abusive (Very abusive, gets in to weakness after)
A: Abused (Often there is a history of sexual abuse)
A: Ailments from Mental exertion, Sexual excess, Unhappiness, and Anticipation.
A: Ambition loss to make money (As his personality gets so much deranged his Ambition gets never full filled)
A: Anxious, Hypochondriac, Hysteric, confused and dull personality, with lots of fears.
A: Averse to certain persons, Discontented, Irritable with desire to nibble. Sensitive to music and Sun.
A: Averse to company yet fears to be alone, Conscientious about trifles, Indifference to everything to money making even.
A: Antisocial : Since he becomes Quarrelsome, Perfidious, Greed, Cupidity, Kleptomaniac, Involves himself in gambling to earn easy money and has lascivious nature he wants to live in the world of lascivious fancies. Due to all this he has often delusions as if soldiers or police is pursuing him. He is persecuted. He sees images and phantoms.
A: Alcoholism (At last he gets into the trap of Alcohol and becomes Alcoholic) and when he feels that life has gone out of his hands he gets confused, he commits mistakes in writing, with weakness of memory, weakness of will, Once he was considered as a person who has abundant ideas now he lacks ideas. He often Moans, he is morose, Anxious restless which is with desire to be magnetized as if someone may pull him out of this hell, which is followed by sadness, yielding disposition and when he gets disappointed he often thoughts of suicide.


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Quite good.


And what about B to Z.only A is covered.


Thanks Sir, Along with "A" I have Posted most of them.

Physical symptoms  - Chilly, but heat of sun aggravates.  - Feeling of tremendous coldness - icy coldness especially of hands and fingers.  - Heaviness of eyelids.  - Temporal headaches.


  - Aversion to husband. 

 - Aversion to members of family.

  - Cheerful, gay, happy.

  - Company, aversion to, yet dreads to be alone content.

  - Delusion, division between himself and others.

  - Delusion, wedding, of. 

 - Estranged from family.

  - Estranged from friends.

  - Fear of misfortune. 

 - Fear of thunderstorm. 

 - Forsaken feeling. 

 - Indifference when in society.

  - Joy, ailments from, excessive.

  - Misanthropy. 

 - Sadness, aversion to company, desire for solitude.

  - Sympathetic.  - Tranquility.

Quite a character. How can we recognize? Is there something we notice when they walk in the door? How does this compare to Natrum muriaticum and Kali carbonicum? I like that, "irritable with desire to nibble" Are they always looking in the fridge or taking crackers from closet? Do we know any celebrity personalities that fit this remedy?

He has marked prostration due to that when he walks there is unsteadiness while walking. He often stumbles, and even he slips too. He often makes gestures with hands some sort of involuntary throwing about. They do look inside the fridge often in search of cold water.

Mini Drug Pictures- from the book Frequent Encounters - Extroverts and Introverts by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar. They are useful to use as  entry point and exit points

Thanks a lot for your information, I will certainly read that.



Awesome chart contribution!


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