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My nickname for Vera is the "Myth-Buster!" Dusting the cobwebs away from our faces so that we can see more clearly upon what Principles homeopathy is founded. Always returning to the source of "The Organon" and re-reading to make sure we've got it right. 

Like the Ghost Busters Vera cleans house and sweeps away the hidden mis-information and brings out into the open all those silly ideas lurking around the neighborhood. She's relentless and never quits. Vera is on the march to find out the very best method to work providing a solid foundation to successful homeopathic case-taking, remedy selection and patient management. It's all written in our handy-dandy guide book, "The Organon of Medicine." Now, we just have to crack it open and read it paragraph by paragraph and aphorism by aphorism. Let's make some sense of it, for goodness sakes!


Ah! The essence revealed. We CAN WALK ON WATER! Not based upon faith alone, but real science. Is this anecdotal evidence? What say you? How many times does the homeopath have to repeat and record similar instances of healing? 

Fright, fever, flushed, hallucinating, lack of thirst, sore throat, and throwing things while going into a rage. Children, adults, pets that are biting and pulling at hair and even seeing GHOSTS! Get the Ghost Buster over here quick!

We don't need to call a doctor when we have the "Myth Buster" for this sick headache, with swollen painful joints, worse from the heat of the sun, drafts to the head, noise and jarring of the body. A little rest in a nice darkened warm room and a dose of.... should take care of that. Somebody figure out the similimum, yet? Hey ~ Don't tell everyone. Let them figure it out for themselves. 

If you check Vera's blog she knows that a newcomer to homeopathy must take a "Leap of Faith" to leave their previous notions of medicine behind. Homeopathy differs from Allopathy, almost like night and day. But, as the sun comes out in the morning all those ghosts must go back into hiding.

To quote Vera, who quotes Hahnemann, "I demand no faith at all, and do not demand that anybody should comprehend it; it is enough that it is a fact and nothing else. Experience alone declares it, and I believe more in experience than in my own intelligence."
  • Hehr G.S. Was Kent a Hahnemannian? Br Hom J 1984 – p. 71-74
I leave you with this question to answer when people say that homeopathy only works for people who "BELIEVE" in it just like the placebo effect. It couldn't possibly work for them. Homeopathy is Faith-Healing. Now, what is your answer to them?

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What a very interesting response from the "Myth Buster." In a way, you are saying that part of the healing comes from within. In order to have true healing, the person must take part in the process. There must be a 'desire' to heal, so that the soul energy meets the material energy.

As in everything that materializes from 'intention' into 'reality' - our world. God sends energy down and mankind sends energy up to meet it. Everything take TWO in order for there to be a connection and meeting.

In the same way that God is always in our midst, only those who search for Him will find. So, only those who search for healing will also find it. That does take some "belief" and "hope" that healing is out there to be found. Otherwise, we remain in the mire of depression, disbelief and left without hope of recovery. And, in some way, people hang on to their 'disorder' and 'dis-sease' to protect themselves from something they can't face or as someone once told me when they said they couldn't quit smoking for 'secondary' benefits.

Still, there are miracles of healing. Gifts from God. And, it does not explain the pets, plants and infants who are healed - is that with or without faith and belief of cure? Is it their soul-energy that brings them to healing. Even the Dalai Lama and other spiritual sages have illness during their life times. I suppose it is not up to us to judge the tests that God gives to each person.

This Myth has taken a turn. What you put into it, you get out of it. I encourage you to watch the video above. "If you don't actually believe that you are going to walk on that water, it won't actually happen for you!"

Video Two: LET'S DANCE!
Faith or no faith.Homeopathy works and it is evident from the fact that it still exist on the earth for more than 200 years,despite all the negative propaganda. It continues to provide relief to hundred and thousands of sick individuals, around the globe.

At the same time, this also is true that many of the scientists, Doctors challenge each day that Homeopathy is nothing else, but placebo effect.We don't have material answer for this, today!

Yes, Homeopathy is unexplained, and so are many other phenomenon, on the earth, which remain unexplained.Perhaps a time will come, when, one Newton or Einstein will unearth this truth.

Faith healing , Placebo effect is possible in other therapies also, why Homeopathy,only.

"I shut my eyes in order to see."
– Paul Gauguin (French artist, painter, sculptor, printmaker)

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye."
– Antoine de Saint-Exupery (French writer)

"I paint what I know, not what I see."
– Pablo Picasso (Spanish Cubist Painter and Sculptor)

"What you see is what you see."
– Frank Stella (American painter and printmaker)

"Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing."
– Robert Pirsig (American writer and philosopher)

"You cannot divorce medicine and theology. Man exists all the way down from his innermost spiritual, to his outermost natural." [Kent, 1926]

'Experience has a place in science, but only a confirmatory place. It can only confirm that which has been discovered through principle or law guiding in the proper direction. Experience leads to no discoveries, but when man is fully indoctrinated in principle that which he observes by experience may confirm the things that are consistent with law.' [Kent, 1900, p.40]

Maulik Mhaendrabhai Joshi
'...beware of the opinions of men of science. Hahnemann has given us principles... it is law that governs the world and not matters of opinion or hypotheses. We must begin by having a respect for law, for we have no starting point unless we base our propositions on law.' [Kent, 1900, p.18]

no one does not need to belief in homeopathy for it to work.
Example; Agro homeopathy-homeopathic cures on plants
Case closed
Homeopathy is nOT A RELIGION,No belief needed.
Dr Gina, what you are stating is a homeopath's view point.It is my view point, it is our view point and correct too , because we see the result of our medicine each day.So we have a faith, a belief.In this thread only, I have mentioned,FAITH OR NO FAITH HOMEOPATHY WORKS.But belief either way is a belief.It is an unexplained phenomenon.So the world got the right to ask us.The truth shall prevail ultimately.The existence of darkness is not a truth.Darkness exist because, there was no light.
Yes Gina,Homeopathy is not a religion.It is a medical science of everyday practice.


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