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The following news in Dawn of 1 Oct 2010,caught my attention,and i thought of sharing it with the members of HWC.


The place is Kasur in Pakistan.and its sad that contaminated water is being blamed for its occurance.As it is Pakistan is under great pressure because of unprecedented floods and the

devastation that it has caused. The world in general is trying to come to its aid through various agencies,including UN.


I consider that this should be a wake up call for Homeopaths in Pakistan in particular and Homeopathic community in general around the  world to take a deeper look into this disease and be able to guide and suggest with their expertise how to tackle it with Homeopathy.


I know we are lagging behind by years in advancing homeopathy in social health science in this country,but given the will and dedication a protocol for treatment may emerge.


I personally think that the good and established homeopathic colleges should take up this as a research project for their final year students and let them shed their opinion under guidance of their

professors and senior teachers.


Pakistan's respected and senior Homeopathic doctors should look into ways and means of reaching this miserable family with suggestion and treatment.This is more applicable to doctors of Kasur and nearby regeion.


Can we take the first step? After all we live on "HOPE"



Dr Wequar Ali Khan





By Afzal Ansari

Oct 1/2010 DAWN



KASUR, Oct 1: A factory worker’s five children from 6-14 years of age are suffering from a mysterious disease that has left them almost paralysed while the man has spent every penny at his disposal to get them treated.

According to a DHQ Hospital doctor, the consumption of contaminated water was believed to be the cause of this apparent metabolic bone disorder. The hospital, however, lacks facilities to diagnose the disease and the doctors have referred the siblings to Jinnah Hospital in Lahore for the purpose,

Dawn has learned. Lal Din, of Babliyana Ottar village of Kot Radha Kishan, some 25 kilometres away from here, took his children, six-year-old Shehnaz, seven-year-old Ayaz, nine-year-old Ijaz, 11-year-old Rehana and 14-year-old Shehbaz, who would, respectively, become disabled around two years after their birth and also develop mental disorders, to DHQ Hospital.

Earlier, the poor man contacted faith healers, quacks and private doctors as well to get his children treated but to no avail. He took his children to DHQ Hospital with small ray of hope, but doctors told him to take his children to Jinnah Hospital in Lahore for proper diagnose of the disease.

Disappointed Lal Din said that some other children of his village were also suffering from the same disease. He said that some factories in the vicinity of his village were discharging harmful chemicals, including fluorine, which had contaminated underground water.

Dr. Qamar Irshad, a DHQ Hospital paediatrician, said the children were being referred to Lahore for thorough investigations and proper treatment.

He said that cause of the disease was possibly a metabolic bone disorder that might be the outcome of consumption of contaminated water. However, proper investigation by orthopaedic surgeons could only help diagnose the disease. The parents of the ill-fated children have appealed to the Punjab chief minister, phi- lanthropists and non-government organisations to help them out.

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