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This time No Quiz


We will discuss something which is very very special for each of us.

Yes, Our very 1st prescription

( in the bracket ) are my symptoms...


And if it works... Its bit flattery, proud...

If it doesn’t...then there r many thoughts. I can put it here...

Friends I wanna hear that from you


1st year BHMS

1st week in college

We were taught Cinchona in Materia Medica's 2nd lecture

It was the 1st drug taught in our class.

We all know the reason why...

So this way the journey begin..


Believe me I was just knowing Homoeopathy or Homoeopathic treatment by name.

None of my family member nor me had Homoeopathic treatment till I entered this field.


I guess it must be Wednesday or Thursday we learned Cinchona

Saturday I came back home from hostel ( :) u know it’s so relax feeling back home )

Sunday at around 4:30pm my youngest brother came home with very high fever and chill

He literally covered himself with all blankets but then too he was shivering


I said u know we have taught a drug which has similar picture, shall I give you that. (Anxiety , Confusion)

He said ok (oh! he has agreed, will I be able to cure?)


I went to nearby Pharmacy, I asked him for Cinchona

He asked which potency?

(Question mark on my face, I must be looking very funny)

I said I don’t know

Our pharmacy lesson were yet to start, I was having no idea about potency too.

He said no problem and gave me Cinchona 200 pills

Then he told me about the potencies, his sister was our college alumni so he guided me


I came back home, gave my bro few pills (now anxiety, fear, rumbling in my abdomen)

Within 5-7mins, he started sweating

He felt better with just one dose

By 8 he was normal like he was not having any fever :)


I was happy coz my very 1st prescription worked and my family was happy & convinced that yes, homoeopathy works.


This same bro met with an accident aft few years, underwent neuro-surgery

During that period also he was on Homoeopathy

He told me one day in the hospital “I wanted Homoeopathic treatment cos I know how fast it acts. I have experienced it. Its only you Homoeopaths need to understand your science perfectly"

Needless to say, his words are treasured



Now friends, you too flash that very 1st prescription of yours!! Happy posting!!!



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I was in Ist yr and few remedies were taught to us .My grandfather had high fever at night and he started saying well now I will not last for long and I am going to die . I had Arsenic album 30 with me I gave that every 1 hrly . By morning --NOT ONLY HIS FEVER WAS BETTER BUT ALSO HIS MENTAL SYMPTOM
Dear Dr.Neena,
These small experiences in early age esp during college really boosts our confidence in Homoeopathy (if lik me, i was unaware) and ourself.
So nice to read ur experience :)

Ur Grandpa really showed Ars picture
In my college days a person started bleeding from his nose. Knowing that ipecac is good for this complaint. I dropped ipecac on his tongue. Immediately hemorrhage stopped. Years after I came to know that ipecac is good for hypertension (S.P.Koppikar).
My first prescription was a disaster.A patient suffering from hyperpyrexia was bought to me.Patient wanted quick relief.It was sudden development of fever and he was too anxious, fearful that he would die.I suggested Aconite 200, but patient was all the same next day.High temperature still running.After that he didn't come to me.I was quite disappointed.But this was what it was.
My first prescription was Aco-30 and it was the time when I was in 2nd year of DHMS. It was month of dec and midnight even a very cool night.My wife went to wash room for passing urine and after she passed urine and came back in room, she is too much feared and facing very sever burning sensation in vaginal canal. she was so restless and told that please do something for her. Luckily ACO - 30 was at home which I brought one day ago, may be Allah already arranged for her. I just put one drop of Aco-30 on her tongue and the result was marvelous. In friction of second she became normal.
Well done Dr. Sadhna Gaykar. Good. Yes it is only the homoeopaths who are ignorent. Not the system have any flaw. I have tried to give maximum about scietific aspect of this great science in my website
You go through it and tell me the shortcomings if any. Write down ur views under guest page. Did u attend LIGA conf at California USA? If yes: Write abt ur experiences
Dr.S.S.Vithal MD
Dear Vithal,
Your cured cases have no explanation.There are many ways to hide the identity.Anyway,i am pleased and appreciate your success.
Dear Dr. Sadhana,

What a nice discussion you have started!!
Down memory lane with a touch of novice homoeopathy!!

The incidence was days back...... when I was in my 1st year of BHMS.
Along with other few medicines, ALOE SOC was also taught and that too by one of my great teachers Dr. S. K. Dubey (My dear Indian homoeopaths, you can surely understand, why I have put those bold letters)!

While Dubey sir was taking the class on ALOE, in the middle of his lecture he used rhyming words of ALOE in our local language- Bengali... “Allo aar gallo” for a better understanding of the nature of ALOE diarrhoea to us.The meaning of these Bengali words are- “ Coming back and going again (to evacuate) ... very frequently”. We all know now that, this is the feature of ALOE diarrhoea because of the insecurity of sphincter ani.

After a couple of days, my younger sis was having a diarrhoea with that identical nature as we were taught two days back. My father was out of station at that time. I gave my sis three doses of ALOE SOC. 200 in three hours' interval...... then.... :)) the diarrhoea was stopped and she became all right within next few hours. Everyone was appreciating me and I..., at that time was trying to hide my astonishments from my face....... ; ).

Good. In acute conditions homeopathic medicines relieves quickly than allopathic drugs provided the selection is right.
I was in a homeopathic store where a person was screaming with abdominal pain.They were ready to take him to the hospital .I said wait let me try first.I gave him colocynth 200c.Within few minutes he felt better and soon after pain disappeared.
This is an example, how effective, Homeopathic medicine, can be if selected accurately, with out any loss of time.But this accuracy for selection of a right medicine at right time, must be the outcome of experience.
Helo madam,
Its really a great post for we students as well. Its good to hear from all the members who have already answered and eagerly waiting to hear more..

My first prescription was a rather rare was neither taught to me nor was it in my syllabus then..I had a friend who was having a strange addiction for CAMPHOR. She used to apply camphor on her face with rose water and a few drops used to get in her mouth. This way she got addicted to it and started taking raw that time i even did not know how to record a case and what to take in the case. So after asking her a few questions and knowing her sensations I told her that I will give the medicine the next day.

Now I came back home and opend up the potentised drug CAMPHOR. I did not get any symptom simillarity, but That time I just knew 'LET THE LIKE BE CURED BY LIKE" ..

So I did 2 things:
1. Gave Camphor 10M(Potency was due to the lecture on Idiosyncracy Kent lecture)
2. I thretened her like anything..gave her the photo copy of Camphor from the Pharmocodynamics of Hughes where all the ill effects of taking it were given. I told her that she will never be able to concieve if she continues with the habit...In other words, my aim was to give her a fear, i.e. a PSYCHOLOGICAL dose.

I was astonished to hear after 1 month that she has already started to resist. But the urge to take it was still immense and sometimes she could not resist. At this point I repeated and gave her a second dose., with a good number of Placebos as well as the Psychological doses...

Now its has been 3 years after that she has not taken a pinch of Camphor and the urge also diminished slowly.

Now I do not know here that whether my Psychological dose or the dynamic dose of Camphor worked in the case all i know is that it worked...

Thank you for giving such an opportunity...


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