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Mr. Rastogi, M 63 years, Sarcoidosis, IV stage, severe breathing difficulty, Better in AC room, < outdoors, mild cynosis on nails, clubbed nails, audible rolling of water in chest and abdomen after drinking water. Can not sit due to aggravation of dyspnoea on sitting up, pain around heart on little exertion. Frequently drops into sleep with loud snoring and wakes up with demand of breath and little water. This condition was continued since last fifteen days. Neither deterioration, nor improvement with any sort of drugs he was taking.

I put half spoon of water mixed with a trace of Laurocerosus 30 on his tongue. Within 10 minutes, he went into deep sleep and no more snoring, because no more breath.

My failure, wrong decision to treat?

Might been he survive some more days if not treated?

What should be done at that time?

Should we leave such a cases on their fate?

Please comment...

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Our duty is to provide every possible assistance to the patient. No doubt; the result is always in the hands of God almighty.
Thanks Dr. Sajjad Sir, we must do our duties sincerely.
Thanks Dr. Vikas...

Dr Sharma, Sorry you feel the loss of the patient in this way. You contribute so much that I would never doubt a prescription given by yourself, It was his time to be called home, to have a peaceful passing is a beautiful ending and beginning.

Love and light Anita

Thanks so much...


The life of your Pt. is Good ,When  you are happy...


The life of your Pt. is Very Good , when he is happy due to your best efforts..

May be your Pt. is feeling relaxed after a long time did your best

Zindagi issi ka naam hai...

Thanks Sir, why so many gaps........


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