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My Experiences With “The Sensations As If – A Repertory Of Subjective Symptoms” - H.A. Roberts

My experiences with “The Sensations As If – A repertory of subjective symptoms” - HA Roberts

Dear friends,
Since my beginning of practice I was trying to put forth my effort my efforts sincerely to cure the sufferers approaching me for aid, though I couldn’t make a 100 percent success in every case. I used to search for more repertories, materia medica, opinions, suggestions from my masters to get a success in cases. I used to try for new methods without spoiling the classical figure of homoeopathy.

Sometimes the search may end in a treasure and many times a tragedy
Whenever a person presents a set symptoms to me I used to search for an uncommon, peculiar symptoms in that crowd, as like most of homoeopaths do and as a beginner, I have struggled a lot with failures with a prescription mostly on the subjective symptoms and sensations explained by the patients. I wonder how such a sensation could be appearing which would be an uncommon to the patient.

Where can I search for it?
My search came to an end after attending the Seminar of Dr. K. Srinivasan MD in Salem. The seminar was about the “The Sensations As If – A repertory of subjective symptoms” - HA Roberts. The seminar made me to search for this repertory which I had forgotten after my 3rd year of college. And since then for the past year I have been using this repertory for those cases where I could elicit a peculiar sensation. So far no cases have failed with the prescription based on this treasure from HA Roberts.


Sharing Some Cases

I would like to share some of the cases with you and you can also post your trials and successes with Robert's Repertory.

Case 1:
One of my friends came to me, with an acute presentation of some discomfort in his abdomen.
D: tell me what is your problem?
P: Something is troubling me here (pointing out the hypogastric region) It is increasing since the morning
D: What is there? Can you explain to me?
P: Oh. You see a stone weighed 100gm is hanging there. No pain but there is heaviness. Will it be a renal stone?
D: Don’t worry your kidney is not there, haha

Analysis with his sensation I referred the HA Roberts – Sensations As If
SENSATIONS AS IF, Stone in abdomen, heavy, in hypogastric region - Cocc (Page: 308)
Prescription: 1 pill of cocculus 30CH, Crushed with Sugar of milk, dissolved in 100 ml of water, well stirred and asked to take 3 tea spoons from the remedy solution once.
Follow up: The next day the person came to me with a good expression. He is now completely relived from the trouble.

Case 2:
This was very interesting case, The patient is a boy aged about eight, He came to me for his chronic ulcer on his right foot, which was with him since his one year of age. The boy was born with meningcele and also congenital defect of his both lower limbs tarsus valgus. The chronic ulcer was very offensive and painless , the case was prescribed first with Arsenicum album 6 CH water dose.
10 days after the boy presented an acute complaint of Head ache, with a sensation as if the skull is shaking… I asked when it happens… he replied whenever I try to walk
I referred H.A. Roberts sensation as if,

SENSATION AS IF, Head, Shaken brain were – when walking - Cicuta virosa (Page: 86)
I started cross referring it with Phatak’s Materia Medica… Surprised to see the drug picture given under the extremities section… “curved limbs can not be straightened; nor straight ones bent” – These words typically explains the congenital deformity of the case… and it is also a remedy for Brain injury , in this case the child has been operated for meningocele. So the remedy suited to the case perfectly.

After prescribing Cicuta virosa 30CH in water doses the case started feeling pain sensation his right leg for the first time with a mild fever, later the chronic wound started to heal… and the case is now on improvement… waiting for good result.

I wish you to share your own experience of cases prescribed using H.A. Roberts sensations as if…

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Dear Sir,
I do Always my differentiations in the final court - The Materia Medica.
I use Phatak's Materia Medica for my cases which, guides me more...
Dear Charuvahan,
Thank for your reply.I am reading this thread with interest and shall keep on discussing.Do you think that Phatak mateia medica is the best of all and reliable.
sir, Phatak's MM is one of the Best MMs , and its reliability has no doubt. U can also add up,Kent, Clarke, Boericke, Allen and nash for your further reference, These are also good reliable and best sources.
With Love, charu.
I am one of the continuous user of Dr Phatak's Repertory and MM, for more than 30 years.It never failed me.It is in fact, a Synoptic key of MM by C.M. Boger, which has been compiled, added and explained by Dr Phatak, for quick reference in busy practice, as computers were not available those days.

Dr Charuvahan is correct in his saying that Phatak's MM as one of the best. It is most reliable.

Another gold mine is Allen's key notes provided we know how to use it in practice. Each word written by Dr Allen carries a meaning and can be tested in practice.

And yes, sensation as if, I used it in my early practice. Many time it gave me quick lead in selection of correct simillimum.
Thanks for your participation sir. It will be more useful if u share your cases of Sensation as if here....
what u have said is very true sir....
Thank you very much for your response....
Share us more....

Additional Cases:

A woman of Age 38, right side Mastectomy done due to Ca Breast. She came to me after the Surgery For Post Operative Care. She have been operated twice within two months and taken repeated biopsies. She was under Chemotherapy and Radiation , Her condition was very Pathetic - She has lost the entire vitality, Became skin and bone, lost all the hairs of her head and body, Cannot eat food even the smell and sight caused vomiting, not able to do any work.

At this Stage I prescribed her Acetic Acid 30 CH in water doses with the indications of weak vitality, repeated biopsies and surgery ) - She was better with this prescription and was able to take some food and was quite better.

But She had severe pain in her right upper limb extending to her chest and shoulders since operated. Here she gave me a sensation: " Doctor I feel some thing like a water from the tap, may be blood is dribbling inside my chest? "

H.A. Robert's Sensation As If: (Page. 363 - B Jain's Low price Edition - August 2002)

Internal Chest, Water in the Chest, drops of, trickling down inside of - X  Ray

X RAY in 30 Potency - 1 pill was Given To her in Split Water Doses.(Date: 28.06.2009)

 Her Vitality Improved, Hair Started to Grow over her scalp and other lost parts, Able to eat better without vomiting, Stool and urination became normal, Her sensation of dropping of water reduced and her pain in the right upper limb started reducing gradually. She was prescribed  placebo for about 6 months - She was completely well. Later she was given Ignatia 30 (06.04.2010) once in water doses, and Calcarea Carbonica 30 (30.09.2010), Calcarea Carbonica 1m (30.11.2010)once according to the symptomatology for Other Complaints.

It is good provided the sensation is precise.

Thanks to remember H.A Robert. 

I will try to use it in my practice.


It will be nice if you can share how you go about eliciting sensation. Do you take specific effort or do you just wait for the patient to come up with it. Many time the patient does not realize the importance of his sensation and will never tell. Sometimes they are not even are or tuned to it.

We cannot take any efforts to elicit patients's sensation. The patients them selfs explaining them during our case taking often. But we have to recognize them and catch them. What we need is, we allow the patients to speak elaborately.

Thanks for your reply sir..

Most of the time the patient will come out with their sensation easily.

I wont take any special effort provided the sensation is spontaneous and repeatedly said.

If any very vague or more general sensation is narrated by the patient, I use to tell them to explain with an example or to characterise the sensation if they can.




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