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My Experiences With “The Sensations As If – A Repertory Of Subjective Symptoms” - H.A. Roberts

My experiences with “The Sensations As If – A repertory of subjective symptoms” - HA Roberts

Dear friends,
Since my beginning of practice I was trying to put forth my effort my efforts sincerely to cure the sufferers approaching me for aid, though I couldn’t make a 100 percent success in every case. I used to search for more repertories, materia medica, opinions, suggestions from my masters to get a success in cases. I used to try for new methods without spoiling the classical figure of homoeopathy.

Sometimes the search may end in a treasure and many times a tragedy
Whenever a person presents a set symptoms to me I used to search for an uncommon, peculiar symptoms in that crowd, as like most of homoeopaths do and as a beginner, I have struggled a lot with failures with a prescription mostly on the subjective symptoms and sensations explained by the patients. I wonder how such a sensation could be appearing which would be an uncommon to the patient.

Where can I search for it?
My search came to an end after attending the Seminar of Dr. K. Srinivasan MD in Salem. The seminar was about the “The Sensations As If – A repertory of subjective symptoms” - HA Roberts. The seminar made me to search for this repertory which I had forgotten after my 3rd year of college. And since then for the past year I have been using this repertory for those cases where I could elicit a peculiar sensation. So far no cases have failed with the prescription based on this treasure from HA Roberts.


Sharing Some Cases

I would like to share some of the cases with you and you can also post your trials and successes with Robert's Repertory.

Case 1:
One of my friends came to me, with an acute presentation of some discomfort in his abdomen.
D: tell me what is your problem?
P: Something is troubling me here (pointing out the hypogastric region) It is increasing since the morning
D: What is there? Can you explain to me?
P: Oh. You see a stone weighed 100gm is hanging there. No pain but there is heaviness. Will it be a renal stone?
D: Don’t worry your kidney is not there, haha

Analysis with his sensation I referred the HA Roberts – Sensations As If
SENSATIONS AS IF, Stone in abdomen, heavy, in hypogastric region - Cocc (Page: 308)
Prescription: 1 pill of cocculus 30CH, Crushed with Sugar of milk, dissolved in 100 ml of water, well stirred and asked to take 3 tea spoons from the remedy solution once.
Follow up: The next day the person came to me with a good expression. He is now completely relived from the trouble.

Case 2:
This was very interesting case, The patient is a boy aged about eight, He came to me for his chronic ulcer on his right foot, which was with him since his one year of age. The boy was born with meningcele and also congenital defect of his both lower limbs tarsus valgus. The chronic ulcer was very offensive and painless , the case was prescribed first with Arsenicum album 6 CH water dose.
10 days after the boy presented an acute complaint of Head ache, with a sensation as if the skull is shaking… I asked when it happens… he replied whenever I try to walk
I referred H.A. Roberts sensation as if,

SENSATION AS IF, Head, Shaken brain were – when walking - Cicuta virosa (Page: 86)
I started cross referring it with Phatak’s Materia Medica… Surprised to see the drug picture given under the extremities section… “curved limbs can not be straightened; nor straight ones bent” – These words typically explains the congenital deformity of the case… and it is also a remedy for Brain injury , in this case the child has been operated for meningocele. So the remedy suited to the case perfectly.

After prescribing Cicuta virosa 30CH in water doses the case started feeling pain sensation his right leg for the first time with a mild fever, later the chronic wound started to heal… and the case is now on improvement… waiting for good result.

I wish you to share your own experience of cases prescribed using H.A. Roberts sensations as if…

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very good presentation of the cases. good work . It is very true that we forget most of the repetories and we are glued to Kents or boerick's most of the time. After reading your input i think i should take book by H.A roberts and go through it .
Thank you
s sure, u can go through the H.A. Robert's Repertory and can use them in practice, then add ur cases here.... All the best.

With love ,
Dear Fredric Vennard,

I have referred the sensations of yours,

SENSATIONS AS IF, Heart and Circulation, Beating - stopped, then started suddenly -- Convallaria Majalis. (Page No: 384 ; Sensations as if, a repertory of subjective symptoms)

SENSATIONS AS IF, Internal chest, Hollow, Chest were -- Arsenicum Album, Asparagus, China officinalis, Chininum arsenicosum, Chininum Sulphuricum, Coca, Croton tiglium, Sepia succus (Page No: 357 ; Sensations as if, a repertory of subjective symptoms)

with love, Charu.
Dear Dr.Niel Madhavan,

Many Thanks for the additional information. I will try to look for it also.
Roberts Sensation Book one of my favorites from the beginning of my homeopathic studies. Thank you for showing us the cases and how they relate. People can really relate when they say it is 'as if' and then make a statement that is truly 'timeless', crossing all borders and all people. Truly amazing.
Robert's "Sensations as if..... a dictionary of subjective symptoms" is truly a gem in our Homoeopathic literatures.
It is a compilation of the clinical experiences of three great Homoeopaths of all times.
Actually, Dr. A. W. Holcomb published a detailed article under the name of "Sensations as if" in the famous American journal- "The Medical Advance". Later, it was published as a separate book. Dr. W. A. Yingling added numerous small notes to it from his personal experiences and handed over the manuscript to Dr. H. A. Roberts. Dr. Roberts went further- added clinical tips to it from his personal practice as well as from various other authentic resources like- the works of Hering, Clarke, Anshutze, etc.
All these works were combined to form the present work.

Another great work in this line of thought is-
"Unabridged dictionary of sensations as if " by Dr. James William Word. It is a detailed work- consisting of two great volumes covering only the subjective symptoms.
Dear Dr. Arindam Dutta,
Great addition of information from your knowledge to this forum sir,
I have also heard about the "Unabridged dictionary of sensations as if " by Dr. James William Word but not yet used in practice, let me try to do it in future,.

Keep update the forum with more informations,
You have given some more information about the book, which is new to me.
Thank you.
Thanks charuvahan for your cases. I had studied two medicines with unknown symptoms.
Dear Dr. Vijayalakshmi,

Thanks for participating in this discussion, I hope this would have made u to learn something, I m expecting you to submit your experience with Sensations as if in future.
Sure sir.
Good work. Under Rectum,anus and stool, there is symptom” sensation as worms were in rectum” The lab test confirms the presence of worms. Do you think the medicines COLCH, FERRM.I will cure and how to distinguish between these two medicines.


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