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Jake Shimabukuo Four Strings on Ukelele | 

Like any great virtuoso, his musical instrument becomes part of his body, mind and soul. The bird who sings or the lion who roars, these four strings have become his voice. This film allows us to follow Jake Shimabukuro's growth and development from childhood to adulthood.

Watch Jake Shimabukuro: Life on Four Strings on PBS. See more from Jake Shimabukuro: Life On Four Strings.


Do you feel that he overcame pain and obstacles that made no sense as a child to a place of responsibility as a musician,  teacher,  composer,  instrumentalist,  creative artist with grace and compassion? 


Do you hear the sound of connection with others through emotional composition, from the speed, vocalization, loud and brassy electric strings, the softer well developed classical style, the return to foundational ukelele instrumental music, the innovation of the instrument's capabilities for making sound?

Does Jake want to go beyond the limits of the instrument and his own physical boundaries to perform at the peak of ability? He found some heroes along the way to emulate and learn. 

Good fortune and luck brought people into his life who believed in him and supported him on the road to fame and fortune. 

Through it all, music was and is his form of expression, relief, contentment, excitement, adventure, and passion. Through dedication and focused attention, with great drive and persistence, Jake developed his talents into the greatest ukulele player alive. 

All along the way, he needed tremendous support to build his self confidence as he strove to achieve. Like any great sports star, he put his body, mind and spirit into his instrument until it became his identity as an original creative being. Though feeling as if he did not deserve the attention, he sacrificed a typical carefree childhood to care for his younger brother and lock himself away practicing his instrument.

All the commitment brought him out of that limited space, to travel all over the globe to huge audiences. He had a dream to care for his mother and that came true. 


Music means connecting with people and having empathy with other's human emotions. 

Music is healing. We are always reminded not to take anything for granted.


Some Rubrics: 


MIND: Concentration: active: work or music with intensity; engaged in: frax, germ

Mind: Carried; music, as of: anholonium

MInd: Music: agreeable, is: brass, cann-i, falco-p, ign, lsd, posit, tarent

Mind: Thoughts; persistent; music, about; evening; gin

Mind: Mirilli's themes, music (337)

Ameliorated by music: Aur.,  Tarant.


Please add more rubrics to this piece.



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