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(1) Heart and circulation, cease, heart, would, motion, when not in (Gelsemium)

(2) Heart and circulation, cease, heart, would, moving about ( Digitalis Purpurea)

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Very interesting pairing of two rubrics. Are these listed in "AS IF" sensation of materia medica? I would like to understand better the slight differences in these two feelings. The first one says, "My heart and circulation in my body will stop unless I continue to move." Is this correct or incorrect? 

The second rubric states, "My heart and circulation would stop . . . "

Gelsemium patient, in heart affections, always complains that if he stops moving the heart will cease to beat. So he must continue his motion in order to carry out the heart's action. Continued motion ameliorates the complaints. Feels he must keep on moving or heart will stop.

In heart troubles of Digitalis patients, there is sudden sensation as if the heart would stop beating if the patient moved. The least motion aggravates the complaints. Feels if he moves, his heart will stop.  

certainly so nice of this is the peculire indication by Respected Dr Mashkoor.  and in so far as cause of this pecularity is concerned, that is STAGE FREIGHT. 

In Gelsemium it is sensation as if it were necessary to keep oneself in motion or else heart action would cease.Amelioration in genereal with regard to Gelsemium ,especially motion offers relief of muscular pains and heart symptoms.Gelsemium patient fears that unless he moves,the heart would cease beating.

Whereas it just reverse in the case of Digitalis.Here it is sudden sensation that heart would cease beating if the patient moved about.

Delusion, heart, stops beating when sitting - Arg-n ++, gels

Chest, as if heart ceases to beat - ant-t, arn, ars, asaf, aur, bell, carb-ac, carb-v, chinin-ar, cic, cimic, colch, conv, Dig++, gels, glon, lob, lyc, onos, op, pip-n, rumx, spig, tab, vib

Chest, heart will cease, unless constantly on the move - GELS, trif-p

Chest, heart will cease, unless constantly on the move, has to jump up - GELS

Chest, sensation heart would cease - antip, aur, both-ax, bros-gau, Calc++, chinin-ar, cimic, conv, crat, dig, Gels++, kali-s, lap-la, LOB, magn-gr, nux-m, onos, Phase++, sep, sulph, trif-p, vib, visc

Chest, sensation heart would cease, exertion aggravates - cocain, dig

Mind, fear, heart, will cease to beat unless constantly on the move - both-a, both-ax, Gels++, lach

Mind, fear, heart , will stop - both-a, cassia-s, dig, GELS, lac-c, lac-cp, lach, tritic-vg, vib

Mind, fear, heart, will stop, from fright - lac-cp




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