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The September 13Th 2013 issue of THE WEEK magazine had a news clip based on research done by University of North Carolina where they monitored the genes of 80 volunteers, through their blood sample, who had answered questions based on premise, under what circumstances or conditions they had felt hedonic pleasure in their lives.

The answer that came out was startling and spelled the fact that one group felt pleasure from the material things in life, such as having good food and purchasing new items, which they desired. The other set of volunteers answered that they felt pleasure whenever they contributed something important to the community or society, in general.

It was surprising that genes of those individuals who enjoyed material pleasures were found to have inflammation at higher levels linked to serious diseases such as diabetes and cancer etc. They also had weaker immune system.

The other group, which devoted time for selfless service in various fields, had less inflammation and a much higher immune system.

This discovery shows that selfless behavior and volunteer work to help mankind or for that matter even animals, is good for ones' own health and well being.

I can say this confidently, that I as a volunteer have been giving my time to a school under a “listeners” program, and also to a Hospice organization ever since I have been a resident of Miami. In my youth, as a boy scout in Kolkata, we did a lot of volunteer work also. The result of these projects has given me self satisfaction and peace of mind that I am unable to express.

Let us not forget the work of Mother Teresa of Kolkata, who served the weak and dying lepers, and also Abdul Sattar Edhi and his foundation in Pakistan, which takes care of bodies not claimed after death. He would personally wash and prepare these unnamed people for burial. It can be seen that selfless work begets inner peace and satisfaction.

True Happiness NYT

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I don’t wish to be live in haven.

I don’t wish to become a king of universe and rule over all creatures.


I only have a wish to be helpful to all creatures who are moaning with great pain and anguish.

                                                                                DR. S. HARIMANN

These lines I am quoting from my text 'PREAMBLE' (Ver. 2.0)


Thank you for the quote


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