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Respected Sir
I want to know about Miasms?
Today some people say there are miasms other than,
Psora, Syphlis , Sycosis
Can you help me with this.........

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Dear Priya ~ There are two MIASMS GROUPS here on HWC
1. Moderated Miasms for Professional Homeopaths Only
2. Miasms in Homeopathy open to everyone

Click: Join the Group to enter.

You might also like to review the TUTORIALS SECTION to learn how to navigate the network
Thanks a lot,
Dear Dr. Priya there are three basic, Chronic miasm in homeopathy other two miasm which is known as tubercular and cancerous miasm are the malignent combination of these three basic miasm

Psora+syphilis = Tubercular miasm
Psora+syphilis+Sycosis = Cancerous miasm

concept of acute miasm is also present in homoepathy which is countless.
Thankyou sir
and tuberclouses.........


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