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For how much extent should we rely on mental symptoms in an acute distress?

An example of why I am asking the above question is that today I encountered a tonsillitis case. The person's disposition is basically shy and reserved, not interacting that much with the others.

I gave Sil 200C in 1 dose, but the problem aggravated. After that I gave Bell 200 in 1 dose (I gave bell basing on the assumption that Bell is a first to consider remedy in a case of tonsillitis.Then he cured after giving Bell - 1 dose.


I am in a big confusion about how much extent we should rely on mentals in this kind of cases?

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It appears that you are confused regarding treatment of acute cases. Silicea 200 has high deeper plane tissue activity which caused aggravation Whereas partially or dissimilar belladonna ameliorated the condition. For grand totality you should consider three things -- mental disposition, depth of the disease in miasmatic state and target organ. Belladonna is a toxic chemical and with 200th potency  it is highly anti-inflammatory substance. At the same time belladonna is a target organ for tonsil. Symptom vibrations were high (Acute phase reaction or acute psoric state).So it palliated the situation which is far from cure. Silicea 1m or silicea 10m should have  high anti-psoric activity, but for beginners it will be a dangerous prescriptions. Calc. cautica is to some extent  a reactive chemical. In 200th potency, it has both tissue depth action and anti-psoric action. At the same time mental disposition wil match with above metioned case. Throat is a target organ of calc.caustica. 

Dear members

Contrary to my intent notto continue this debate, I like to answer those questions rissen which I deem serious:

Dr. Mitu wrote:

>> So you want a healthy to underwent an experiment. Is it ethical and legal ? I need your opinion, i don't have mine . So if you can put some light on it.

Yes, this is ethical and legal with the permisssion of the person. This is called in homeopathy a proving, and if carried out according the instructions given in the Organon a viable source of pivotal information.

>> This field is full of research and everyone is doing { Dr scholtan, dr sankaran, dr vijaykar, dr sehgal, ortega etc etc ] , You are not different.You are proud of yours research and degrading others research.

I have done research in the institute of history of medicine in Stuttgart / germany, where all relevant originals lie.  Some were never published and are only accessible there. I share my findings in general. I may be the first who publically shares findings gleaned from these sources. Anyone who is willing and capable of reading french, german can inspect the documents themselves.

>> similarly if one is not referring MMP , doesn't means he is not curing the sick or is not able to do so..

In homeopathy a cure is made possible by symtom simmilitude. If someone claims to cure outside the principle, we cannot say for shure, that this is a cure -- it could just as well be mere supression , or the disease could have gone away by itself.

>> Did you ever do something else than criticising

You may find the answer to this question in my blogs.

I criticize people for knowingly telling untruths and misleading things about homeopathy.



"This keeps me away from a hit-and-miss or try-this-that- therapy.


So you mean to say you have 100% result in your clinical practice and you never miss a single patient without a cure. Isn't it. As you never do hit nd miss method and always used the right method So must be GOD then or else. Please Clarify this too.

I have success in the high 90% --. There are on the other hand situations where the best selected remedy does little to nothing, so, there cannot be a 100% successrate.

I want to conclude with a few thoughts to the following:

>> It is not about the specific question , it is about your approach towards the system. One must be flexible enough to listen about others opinion and results, which you are not doing. rather you are using cheap words.

As i see it: If one wants to get to the beginning, one has to go to the well. If one wants to know genuine homeopathy one needs to study it from the beginning.

Hahnemann left us with principles he discovered, and rules he derived from his observations.

I took the path to famliarize myself with the principles in the Organon; I went out and confirmed them to be true.

Based on that I took the rules provided in the Organon, tested them, and found that what he wrote at the end of his live and the way he treated at the end of his live is viable and works, it gets the desired result.

I compared his casework with what he wrote in the Organon and found confirmation and clarification of a few points ambiguous in the Organon.

This forms my understanding of HOMEOPATHY.

If we start introducing rules for the selection of homeopathic remedies which go against the principles, we should be aware, that the therapy we are using is not homeopathy anymore. 

I hope these words round it off to more fruitful future discussions.

Mr Hans,

You read something, you practice it ,found results. Then you researched something with unpublished original documents( as you mentioned ) and form a paper and publish it in a general. What other people has done, their research work has been published in multiple generals here in india and abroad with having documented results. BUT THOSE ALL ARE WRONG COZ YOU DID A RESEARCH and is fighting for the cause of homoeopathy by saying other people 'CHEAT'.

What is a CURE , i think Master has given 2nd Aphorism to read, when we can call it a cure.

thematic study of materia medica, group study of materia medica, mental symptoms all are part of homoeopathic literature , there is nothing condemnable. Myxopathy is injurious and should be reviwed.

I disagree with your acclamation of 90% results, i am sorry. But even if it is true and you are not doing hit and miss then why 10% is missing , that means you are doing some unethical practice [ these are not mine words, excuse me, it is your interpretation for the doctors who are learning while applying the principles of homoeopathy in the course of which they may have selected partially similimum medcine and might miss the case]

it is not about studying or not studying , it is about your language. What you know it is for you, what you say it is for others and no one will accept your cheap words esp from some self-acclaimed Dictator of homoeopathy. We owe an apology from you when you used the word "cheat' for the people who do not agree with your views esp on a public platform.Whosoever you are, none of our concern, you are not authorised to put a personal remark on other dignity.

We are always ready to discus fruitfully for the wellbeing of homoeopathy but not at the cost of dignity.

Dear Mr. Mittu

It may exceed your capacity to perceive, but this discussion is not about me and my personal approach and my language.

This discussion is about mental symptoms in acute cases.

Absolutely Mr Hans,

Not only this but every discussion is not about and is not required the kind of approach you have and the kind of language you use.

I hope it is not the kind of sentence that may not fit in your capacity to percieve.

why not try boenninghaussens approach of LOCATION SENSATION MODALITY and CONCOMITANT?

 A case, No matter it is Acute or chronic, certainly requires a totality and mental symptoms do play a vital role in individualizing the case. It depends upon the Insight of the Physician in the case, how intelligently he gets all information with out being prejudiced.


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