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Is there any specific Remedy to postpone the menses? As a Female Doctor I faced such question especially from people who want to attend their Religious Customs.

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Frankly speaking, it is an Allopathic question being asked to the Homoeopaths, for the answer.

Homoeopathy acts at different level, as you yourself will agree, therefore perhaps it may not be possible, to pre pone the menses,with homoeopathic medicine.
Thank you so much to all of u.Pre pone means to get it earlier than its actual time.I agree with u. But V have to stand firm in all Dimension.Whenever pts come to me,I used to divert them.But this moment I realy want to know.
One of the Bach flower remedy can cause delay of menses for few days.I am sorry i forgot the name.
It is particularly used for religious purposes.I understand what you mean
The problem today is that young girls start their menses early, even as young as age 7. This is a result of the pollution of our environment, from plastics and chemicals, and our food products, which have genetically modified plant/animals, antibiotics and hormones.

When we clean up our earth and push our governments to treat humans, plants and animals in a moral ethical manner, this will be reflected in our own bodies.
Nature takes its own course, playing with nature is like putting ones hand in a fire. The issue at hand is more a case based approach than a generalized one. As far as my knowledge goes homeopathy has many remedies acting on female UG system, but none specific for pre-poning the menses. In such cases even a constitutional medicine may not do anything because as earlier said homeopathic remedies act in most natural way adhering to nature in general and particular to patients nature.

By case based approach I mean to make the patient understand the normal cycle and then asking her to Post-pone the religious custom for later date....:)

i agree with Suhas post 100%,Suppressing and or altering the menstrual cycle with any means is not good. Its a means to purge and continue the cycle of reproduction as its meant to be.
If a religion steps in the way of the bodies natural rythm-one needs to think twice about what is more important for her wellbeing.
Birthcontroll/hormone theraphy -all causes suppression /alterating the natural reproductive system,With all due respect to add homeopathy to this would be a practice in my eyes a bit unethical-
To delay menses for 3-4 days cannot harm the system.
Muslim womens are not allowed to perform haj(Religious) during menses.They take medicines to delay just for few days.They may be doing it once or twice during their life time.I do not think it can harm.
I completely agree with Dr. Subhas Kotbagi !!!
This what I wanted to say,We should not go against nature and natural processess,
We should never alter natural discharges , It is injuries to health always,It brings many harmful side effects with them ,

If we go against nature then nature will definately take revenge of it....

With Regards
Yes I also want to know any specific medicine for that, because lot of female patient come and ask for it sometiems Pulsatilla 1m works soemtimes it fails. One more question : Any specific abortive medicine after missing periods besides Pulsatilla, Gossypium
Thank you very much for all of u.


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