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Menactra Meningitis Vaccine ~ They are now doing a huge advertising campaign

You can view the moving advertisements on MSN main webpage.
  • What is the cost - effectiveness ratio to saving lives and allergic reactions to this drug?
  • What is the idea of injecting so many young people?
  • What do you feel is the emotional impact on viewers of reading these ads?
  • They show a smiling young girl with a pastoral scene in the background.
  • What is the message that Sanofi Pasteur is projecting to the public?
  • Do you feel they provide complete information and all precautions?

    Menactra vaccine is a safe and effective vaccine against meningococcal disease.1-4 Although rare, meningococcal disease is a serious bacterial illness that includes meningitis (the inflammation of the protective layer surrounding the brain and spinal cord) and septicemia (blood poisoning).2,3,5,6 Between 1000 and 2600 cases of meningococcal disease occur in the United States annually.2 Every year, the disease quickly ends the lives of children and can leave its survivors permanently disabled.1,3,8,9 Fortunately, you’re not powerless. Menactra vaccine can help. Menactra vaccine helps protect children

  • A single shot can help reduce your chances of getting meningococcal disease, which includes meningitis.1,2
  • It helps protect against the most common strains of the meningitis bacteria (A, C, Y, and W-135) in the United States.1,3
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a meningococcal vaccine like Menactra for children 11 through 18 years of age.2
  • Menactra vaccine is manufactured and distributed by Sanofi Pasteur Inc., a company with a long history of firsts, including one of the first meningococcal meningitis vaccines, a quadrivalent polysaccharide vaccine, and now Menactra vaccine, the first and only quadrivalent conjugate vaccine licensed in the United States for the prevention against certain strains of meningococcal disease.2,3

    Indication Menactra vaccine is given to persons 2 through 55 years of age for active immunization against invasive meningococcal disease caused by N meningitidis serogroups A, C, Y, and W-135. Menactra vaccine will not stimulate protection against infection caused by N meningitidis other than serogroups A, C, Y, and W-135.

    Safety Information
    Side effects to Menactra vaccine include injection site pain, redness, and swelling; headache or fatigue. Other side effects may occur. Vaccination should be avoided by persons with known hypersensitivity (severe allergic reaction) to any ingredient of the vaccine, including latex (which is used in the vial stopper), or by any persons previously diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome. There is a potential for an increased chance of getting Guillain-Barré syndrome following vaccination. Vaccination with Menactra vaccine may not protect all individuals.

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They have billions to spend manipulating the Media(MSN),Propaganda,lies,thats all this is-So what's new!
Dont waist you time reading MSN Debby,
this link will tell you everything you need about the dangers of vaccines
Hi Gina ~ I was simply making a point that most people who open their web browser using Microsoft open MSN to current events and news. The very top of the browser contain advertising banners. I noticed that Menactra was there today as a main ad. Just pointing out what kind of information reaches the general public. How can we break through these ever prevalent messaging systems to inform the public about the dangers, side-effects, and long lasting changes to the body?

It's not me that I am concerned about, but ways to reach the public. Ideas?
Hi Debby
Yes Yes I know,
Any search egine points you in the wrong direction regards vaccines.
Thats typical.

This is what I do (and I tell all my patients this)
Type in the prescription-drug name
Type in vaccine or specific vaccine name
Type in as the -second/third- word-------adverse effects
Only then does one get down to the nitty gritty!
Very cool idea. I'm going to brainstorm how to use your suggestion.


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