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I was very healthy, never caught colds, was never ill. Oh, I had mumps and measles, think I missed chicken pox and that was a pity but these only built up my immune system and, boy, wasn't it good to get days off school and fussed over by your mother!

There were no vaccines being given out left, right and centre. Polio had disappeared, though I heard about it but the vaccine had not been invented - gee, I'm not really that old :) I had appendicitis and tonsillitis and it was a simple case of yank 'em out.

No illness until I met with a very serious accident and spent over two years being pumped full of antibiotics and a whole series of 'experimental' IV drugs. And pills.

When I was discharged I was sent home with almost a truckload of medicines. Most, if not all, I was to stay on for the rest of my life. Fran, my wife, suggested I throw most of them out, which I did. Later more went out the door. Antibiotics failed to kill bugs so what was the point in taking them or being injected 3 or 4 times a day.

But is this about men? Yes. The ward I was discharged from contained at that time 98% men and most had been involved in serious motor vehicle accidents.

I have subsequently suffered a lot of vascular problems involving the heart and major arteries but by the time this began Fran had moved from nursing and home deliveries (babies) to Homeopathy! And I know that I would not be here today if she had not been by my side.

I just recently under went a heart stress test and passed better than someone half my age despite the fact that I take none of those medications I HAVE to take for the rest of my life - or is it because I do not take them?

I think more men die of heart attacks than women so this is where Homeopathy for Men should start.

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Real men listen to their wives.
I do find men a tricky concept to treat, my own husband has only recently stopped accrediting the 1/2 asprin to helping his flu regardless of the little white pills I give him, to now asking if i have something. Hopefully my boys will be a bit more aware.
Yes Karen, it is true that most men know what they are doing - well, think they do. However, Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann was a man and he knew what he was doing even if he did not know where it would lead.

Mind you, men who have had successful treatment become devotees, before that, skeptics.


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