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Beachy Head - the famous suicide cliffs at Eastbourne in East Sussex Uk. This was my first and only meditative proving, I found the experience both exhilirating and enlightening.

Meditative Proving – BEACHY HEAD – 09/11/2008

Mental –
 Disorientated
 See black blotch
 See bright white light followed by rainbow colours
 Singing in head happy songs
 Long flame
 Phoenix tail/ bird/ peacock/ owl/ wolf
 Memorable song playing
 Dark as if going to rain
 Tree no leaves blown to the left by wind
 Sound of wind
 Sound of gulls
 Purple cloak
 Big fluffy dog you can ride on – fantasy/ make believe
 In tree trunk owl looking out on night
 Exhausted
 Ball of white with band of blue under
 Auric fields have shrunk
 Foggy, everything is grey
 Saw white/ gold sitting Buddha on top of hill above winding pathway of trees – recurrent image that gave good feelings
 Sound of the wind reminds me of childhood days – the top of a hill in Dorset and the image of a style in the middle of a fence
 Sound of the wind in the trees reminds of the sea in Sri-Lanka – vision of the sea on a hazy, grey dull day
 Thought of small person (dwarf), sister of friend
 Thought of groups of disabled people on the streets of Bangkok
 Image of Rickshaw man
 Visualise reclining Buddha
 Mentally revisiting places in countries travelled to

Emotional –
 Edgy
 Dissatisfied
 Vulnerable
 Happy
 Peaceful
 Relaxed
 Anxious
 Exhausted
 Feeling of repulsion of oneself, extremely uncomfortable stillness, space of nothingness

Physical –
 Bubbles in throat
 Gurgling in stomach, sounded like water
 Feeling of lightness in head
 Torso/ trunk feeling heavy, saggy
 Diaphragm feels constricted
 Fog/ smog back of neck up to eyes
 Pounding heart
 Heavy heart
 Right side
 Left side
 Heavy feeling r/side body
 Heavy feeling in left arm (elbow to hand) -numbness sensation
 Tight throat/ swollen/ constriction
 Swollen glands/ throat
 Excess saliva
 Tickle in throat
 Tingling in tongue
 Spongy gums
 R/knee burning pain
 Shallow breathing/ unsatisfactory
 Ears pounding
 Quiet buzz in ears
 Dull headache along forehead hairline
 Itch top left toes
 Itch left eyebrow
 Itch left mid-finger
 Breathing easy
 Slight pain in back of neck
 Back of neck tight
 Ringing in ears
 Congestion
 BP up
 Pituitary/ hypothalamus
 Shivers
 Heavy head
 Grinning
 Tingly tongue
 Heavy shoulders
 Left side itching, top of hand and foot
 Shallow breathing
 Heavy arms
 Back of calves constriction
 Sighing
 R/side earache extending to chest
 Open heart
 Congestion at bridge of nose
 Pain in L/ear, jaw, cheekbone, wrist
 Sharp pain in head
 Limb convulsions
 Exhausted
 Heart palpitations
 Pain in r/ forearm
 Itch in l/ear
 Cold hands
 Sighing
 R/side ear ache extending to chest opens heart
 Black mass on the spleen like a stone
 Wrists heavy, shoulders heavy
 Tightness in chest, slight moistening of eyes
 Caught breath a couple of times

Sensation –
 Wave of heat on the sternum area, with nausea
 Nausea chest down to stomach
 Dizziness – spinning/ spiral sensation
 Heart beat going round in a circle
 As if going to faint
 Heaviness of heart
 General heavy feeling
 As if going down but trying to hold self up
 Coldness
 Nausea
 As if body divided in to 3 parts with lightness in brain
 Cut off at waist
 Bird – I can fly
 Burning feeling in the right side
 Grey form around the body with a serene stillness
 Strengthened vital force
 As if no legs
 Coming down to earth with a bump
 As if legs cut off at knees, no legs or feet – alarming – on second inspection right leg had extended foot – no sensation of left leg or foot at all
 As if head sinking down in to body

General –
 Light at end of tunnel
 Seeing dark smooth oval stone (boulder) – feeling of “nothingness” around
 Sun with shafts of light
 Pinched (as in facial expression)
 Drops things
 Counting and lose count
 Right sided
 Desire to curl into a ball
 Children playing
 Felt secure
 Fancy to sleep
 3rd eye peacock/ greens
 throat chakra yellow
 Tunnel
 Pathway pebbles towards seaside
 Swirling (roundabout)
 Happy skipping
 Figure in white cloak
 Feeling of stuckness
 Pineal gland focus

Desires/ Aversions –
 Childhood desire to sing

Colours –
 Bright/ reddish pink like sunshine
 Dark, like a very cloudy sky

Third Eye –
 Murky and dark
 Green
 Peacock
 Red
 Vision of a dark ray
 Pastel colour light pink
 Black to bluey/ purple (indigo?)

Throat Chakra –
 Yellow/ orange
 Green/ yellow

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