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Please can somebody tell me what "medical" Homeopathy is? How is the learning of a medical Homeopath different to that of a Classical/ Professional Homeopath?

Many thanks

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Dear K lousie Firclough,
Can you plz make ur query more clear?
In the Uk I see some practitioners have the title medical homeopath, is their initial course of learning very different from that of a classical/ professional homeopath? If so, how? I know that some General Practitioners also use Homeopathy in their practise and wonder how their training and approach differs also. Is this clearer? If not then I think I need reflect on what I'm trying to get at.

Many thanks
I can understand little, from your explanation...
But if you see here in India The practice of homoeopathy (so called in the name of homoeopathy) is common... Here we have 3 class of people A,B & C.
A - graduated in college - BHMS/MD
B - Registered Practitioners With experience - RHMP
c - They practice without any degree (Subjected to legal actions)

Here the classical homoeopath terminology is used to indicate those persons who practice strictly according to the Hahnemannain principles and they are very very few in number which can be seen in all the three categories.

The medical homoeopaths and proffessional homoeopaths are not in use here....

But i hope The medical homoeopath is a one who may be interested in research work in homoeopathy and the proffesional homoeopath may be the one who have converted to a homoeopath from other schools of medicine,.... But i m not sure of this, sorry.
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my query Dr V, this has been very helpful to me.

Warm regards
Very interesting. I qualified this Summer with a Licence to Practise Homeopathy here in England, I do not have an MD qualification, I am a stand alone Homeopathic Practitioner. In England I see we have Medical Homeopaths who are medically qualified first and Homeopaths like myself who have spent 4 + years studying homeopathic medicine. In addition I believe there are practitioners here who are Holistic practitioners without a particular specialism of practice. Compulsory registration is imminent, but right now as long as practitioners are insured they can practice. Please, anybody, correct me if this information is now wrong...................
hi kay nice to see u, ok dr v.charuvahan explained well about your doubts,
one thing you can try,is there any council for homoeopathy ;u can enquire there and they will clarify u bye
Hi Senthil. Yes we have several establishments that I can contact for further clarification, I do not need to know this information I was curious and thought international responses would be interesting.
Thanks again
K ;-)
Hello Sentil
What a nice surprise, thank you for your enquiry. I am moving in the right direction, however, I am not very balanced and so my experiences are proving quite stressful to me and my commitment to meditation and time of peace is poor. I qualified as a Practitioner July last year and since then I have been working hard in one way or another building a Practice, never quite sure whether I am doing the best thing!.............................


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