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An Associated Press report by Linsey Tanner says that medical device problems hurt 70,000+ kids annually. 

American Academy of Pediatrics article tells the story. Results of a two-year study concclude the need to develop interventions to prevent pediatric device-related injuries.
RESULTS: The total estimated number of pediatric Medical Device-Associated Adverse Events [MDAEs] during the 24-month period was 144799 (95% confidence interval: 113051–183903), involving devices from 13 medical specialties. 
  • Contact lenses accounted for most MDAEs (23%), followed by hypodermic needles (8%). 
  • The distribution of MDAEs according to medical specialty varied according to age subgroup. 
  • The most-prevalent types of injuries included contusions/abrasions, foreign-body intrusions, punctures, lacerations, and infections. 
  • The most-frequently affected body parts were the eyeball, pubic region, finger, face, and ear. 
  • The majority of pediatric MDAEs involved class II (moderate-risk) devices. 
  • The incidence of pediatric MDAEs decreased with increasing age from early to late childhood and then spiked after 10 years of age. 
  • More girls than boys were affected at older ages (16–21 years) and more boys than girls at younger ages (10 years). 
  • Hospitalizations were more likely to involve invasive or implanted devices.
Education is needed to keep wound or medical intervention sites clean. Education is key to deciding when surgery is best option or there are other ways. Educating our children about health and proper sanitation, lifestyle, nutrition and behavior will pave the way for the future.

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