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the clip on sterility caught my eye. I have been a medical astrologer for 25years. As far as sterility factors in the chart the moon, in a womens chart, in a fire sign is a big flag, as well as the placement of the south node and aspects to venus. i use astrology to determine nutritional needs and diet as well as the underlying belief structures that lead to disease. these beliefs are energy patterns that when blocked cause blockages to major chakras in turn to organ systems, each one has a corresponding mental picture. the chart also depicts what areas are hypofunctioning, malfunctioning and those that are spasmatic.
there is a correlationship to the miasms as well from the modalities. 

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eileen nauman is a good cookbook, however, she does not expore the mind and emotions. bettty lunstead astrological insights is one of my bibles a long with max schulman book karmic astrology. those two should be very helpful.look at davison and ceo carter. i do teach but you are a long way off.


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