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McDonalds Opens Vegetarian Restaurant in India


McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD), famous for its Big Mac, is opening its first all-vegetarian restaurant in India.


Typically, fast food restaurants like to cater to the variety of tastes of the consumer. The menu has always ranged from hamburgers, French fries and branched out to cookies, pies, and some healthier salads.


In India vegetarian dishes have been added. However, vegetarians do not feel comfortable sitting in a restaurant that serves meat dishes. Thus, the chain has decided to open strictly vegetarian to attract more customers and target the large population who prefer vegetables and grains. 


McDonalds claims success in expanding to all countries by serving the tastes of the people. I would venture to guess the high salt, sugar and fat content remains the same. You are welcome to post your comments and opinions. 


Are you happy to get a "Happy Meal?" 

Do you want McDonalds in your neighborhood?

Do you think their food is healthy and at a reasonable cost? 

Is it a convenient food?

Breakfast at Wee Hours

McDonald’s is now serving its breakfast offerings such as Egg McMuffins, hotcakes with sausage, breakfast burritos, fruit and maple oatmeal during wee hours of the morning. This is one of the time slots which has significant potential for upside as opposed to the other slots that already have high traffic volumes. Only 1% of McDonald’s total traffic comes between 2 a.m and 5 a.m so obviously the restaurant chain sees this as a good opportunity to boost footfalls. 


Consumers are more open to the idea of grabbing a bite any time of the day and it’s not just about three daily meals anymore. Moreover, different consumers have different lifestyles, so offering more options certainly appeals to people who might not have a traditional morning-to-evening job.



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No McDonalds at all.

I never go there, either. Wondering people's opinions. 

MacDonald is big business indeed. Now they are entering the complete vegetable menu in India. It would be worth learning what vegetarian meal they are offering. What are nutritional contents and of course the salt and sugar content. Then their colas are also rich in sugar and secret ingredient also;

May be some member in India who may have had the experience there can give their comments.

i wonder what those employees are eating in their lunch break?

are they vegetarians as well? if not, is that a vegetarian restaurant after all?


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