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In 2004 there was an experiment conducted about the action of homeopathic medicines using nuclear magnetic resonance and they found that certain spectroscopic patterns were not identified when potentised medicine were used in spectroscopic studies. They concluded there is no action as patterns were unidentified. Isn't it necessary that an additional control study should be done so that the unidentified spectrum may also be identified? Maybe that is where they will find the answer to the whole world about homoeopathic medicinal action? The person who figures out this solution will be next Nobel prize winner. Do comment if somebody knows more about this. 

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Nobel Prize winner reports effects of homeopathic dilutions

In a recent study Professor Luc Montagnier, a French virologist who co-discovered HIV and who won the Nobel Prize in 2008, and his team report the results of a series of rigorous experiments investigating the electromagnetic properties of highly-diluted biological samples.
Nobel Prize winner reports effects of homeopathic dilutions

The study demonstrates that some bacterial DNA sequences are able to induce electromagnetic waves at high aqueous dilutions. It appears to be a resonance phenomenon triggered by the ambient electromagnetic background of very low frequency waves. The researchers used aqueous solutions that were agitated and serially diluted (the researchers note that the solutions were 'strongly agitated' and that this step was 'critical for the generation of signals'). In other words homeopathic potencies, although the word 'homeopathy' is not mentioned in the article.

The researchers found that pathogenic bacteria and viruses show a distinct electromagnetic signature at dilutions ranging from 10^-5 to 10^-12 (corresponding to 5D to 12D) and that small DNA fragments (responsible for pathogenicity) were solely accountable for the electromagnetic signal. The researchers also noted that one experiment found significant effects from dilutions as high as 10^-18 (equivalent to 18D). The electromagnetic signature changed with dilution levels but was unaffected by the initial concentration and remained even after the remaining DNA fragments were destroyed by chemical agents.

They observed that the electromagnetic signal was destroyed by heating or freezing the sample. Also, a 'cross-talk' effect was found whereby a negative sample inhibits the positive signal in another sample if they are left together overnight in a shielded container. The researchers propose that specific aqueous nanostructures form in the samples during the dilution process and are responsible for the electromagnetic effects measured.

The researchers also detected the same electromagnetic signals in the plasma and in the DNA extracted from the plasma of patients suffering from Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

This study is an important contribution to the growing evidence base in fundamental research with direct relevance to homeopathy.

Montagnier L, Aissa J, Ferris S, Montagnier J-L, Lavallee C (2009). Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences. Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences, 1: 81-90.
Thanks doctor that was very innovative and informative..
Dr. Rati Ram Sharma was nominated for the NOBEL PRIZE award for the year 1996.

Prof. Dr. Rati Ram Sharma, D.Sc., Ph.D. (London), M.D. (M.A.), M.Sc., MAMS, FIAMP
Professor & Head (retired), Department of Biophysics c Nuclear Medicine, Postgraduate
Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh, India

Dr. Rati Ram Sharma's research was on the biological specificity and resonant promotion of lone pair electrons :
The concept of biological specificity and resonant promotion of lone pair electrons' is put forward by Dr. Rati Ram Sharma. The open International University of Complementary Medicine, Colombo, even nominated his studies for the prestigious Nobel Prize, for the year 1996.

According to this concept, the lone pair of electrons in the vehicle molecules (alcohol,water and lactose) gets resonantly promoted during dynamisation.

During this process, the vehicle molecules achieve the same number of active electrons and same exchangeable energies as the drug molecules. Thus the vehicle molecules exhibit the properties of drug molecules. He also introduces a new concept of Xenobiotics. which he equates to drug molecules, foreign bodies or any disease causing organisms and explains all biological phenomenon on the basis of it.

thanks dr ARINDAM DUTTA the information is very relevent opening new doors
Dear Marson,

I am sending the following pdf file on "SCIENCE OF HOMOEOPATHY IS BEYOND CONTEMPORARY SCIENCES" by Dr. Rati Ram Sharma.

Wishing your good health............ARINDAM

Dear Dr Dutta, the subject whether Nobel prize would be given to a homeopath is definitely a laudable thought and wish.

It can happen in my opinion only when pharmaceutical industries and insurance companies find that money can be made from the homeopathic industry world wide. After all the conventional medicine is being controlled by the big Pharma  who in many ways back research, endowment, of course for their own progress even if its against humanity.

Selection of nobel prize winner will depend on how the research can be utilized to meet their needs.

I am sure many will disagree with my thinking. At least in USA it seems like that;

Thank You Dr. Arindam.

I would be glad if you could cite reference to the fact that Prof. Rati Ram Sharma was nominated for Nobel Prize. Thanks and Regards


Dear All:

Jst to complement this subject, i would like to add the next Matin Chaplin´s website...You will find lots of references there...To me, very interesting. I hope could helps....Best regards.
Very cool, Guillermo!
hello Dr Guillermo Zamora's thanks for the links...those were studies showed a detailed analysis about the phenomenon very relevent


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