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I just cannot curb my enthusiasm any longer. Being a student of The College Of Practical Homoeopathy for the last three years homoeopathy has become my life. Almost everything I do tracks me back to homoeopathy in some way, be it a call from my stepson from Denmark who misses us (repertorisation and administration of hugs and Rx) overcoming morningsickness (yes, just two days of sickness all the rest has been joy). And also, being here, and learning from knowledgeable minds, who share their lifes researches without thinking twice. This community is a joy.
With that in mind I want to extend my thanks to you all,
Debbie, the little energizer bunny, who simply never seises to amaze me with her new projects, the latest being the newsletter.
Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj for educating me in plants and homoeopathy and more,
Gina Tyler and David Hartley for relentlessly educating us all in the vaccination threats,
and so many many more , for just being here and sharing their thoughts and knowledge, with a smile on their face.

You truly are treasures
Thank you all
Love and Light

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Hi Dagny
Thanks for the kind words.
Once you are touched by homeopathy you never look back,its forward and onwards from that point on.
Homeopathy NEVER fails!
What brought you to study homeopathy?
Witnessing the power of the minimum dose in then my sick son, he had a staph infection and I gave him arsenicum album, he got better in 15 minutes!!! He had had this type of throat infection before so I recognised the symptoms right away. I had bought a kit earlier as I was intrigued but I hadn´t seen a homoeopath. So I repped his case, gave the remedy and voilá!
His ear infection also vanished later on. So from then on I was hooked.
My wonderful collegues at school have also brought stories of the wonderful curative effects of homoeopathy so then ... whell, rest is history.
I quit my job as a health and safety specialist at a big international company to dedicate myself to the studies of homoeopathy.
And being a very sceptic person, this is more my field than any before. You know what I mean, the truth becomes more evident when you distance your self from the main stream. And my natural curiousity and enthousiasm for natural everything, my grandmother was a botanist so that has always been my numero uno way. Homoeopathy is the rational evolvement from botany, at least for me.
And coming from a big international company, the corruption of BigPharma neednt be debated to me, I´ve seen it first hand.
Regarding my sons cure, one of my teacher says that the "homoeopathy god" or so he puts it, always gives newcomers a one big cure in the beginning, as if to show them the ease and effectiveness. Through the years I have seen this happen, when the students began taking cases and so on...
When you begin, everything seems easier, clearer
The more you know, the more you know you don´t know enough hehe
Thanks for the reply!
Yes Homeopathy speaks for itself,

Billions of dollars in marketing propaganda used by big Pharma is NOT needed because It works.
A truly amazing healing modality.

I agree with what you said"the more you know you dont know enough"..........That moment for me came when I learned about Miasms/Homeopathy. After that All the pieces came together.Homeopathy became more clear.
There are so many other aspects, take for example toxisity.
People don´t realise what they are doing on a daily basis to pollute their bodies, from nailpolish to aspartame in drinks..aspartame another scandal that has its roots in FDA itself.
Yes, and don´t you just love the miasms and how they explain every malady, from cradle to grave. That is just one of the things that makes homoeopathy "IT" for me. From there on out everything is like a map, to every corner of man's illnesses. It eaven helps one understand the mindset of human beings better.
And some great teachers that tie all together. I attended a wonderful seminar last winter on the miasms by one of the schools teachers. He explained the miasms beautifully, via the human aura even. Some great notes I can share with you if you want. Since your interests lie in Reiki aswell, this will widen your understanding, if you havent yet seen it. For a person like me, that loves to learn endlessly, homoeopathy is the right thing, for there is always something more, deeper.
Hello Again
Maybe you can post this here at HWC?
(miasms and the Aura)Would love more imput on that.

If you like I will post my article on miasms writen about a decade ago,Its been published all around this planet in many homeopathic journals.

Funny thing is that many homeopaths do not put an importance in the study of miasms,even saying it does NOT exist-Learning outside the box is how we expand our homeopathic education-Miasms is one of those subjects that is crucial to the progress of understanding deep complex cases.
My other favorite subject regards HOmeopathy is "long distance Hair transmission" -Are you familiar with this Dagny?
Anytime I start speaking about hair transmission using homeopathy it seems to cause anarcy within the homeopathic community.An even better reason to promote this.LoL
I will assemble my notes and put them in an article here.
And I´d love to see your notes

The hair transmission- now you´ve got me curious!
Please explain
Hello again
I think my article on Hairtransmission is posted here already. Under Radionics.
The best part is that Dr. Sahni (second generation) is here at HWC I have asked him to join. His father and him have a research center in India dedicated to Hair transmission using homeopathy since the 1960's.(Patna India)

"HOMEOPATHY AND RADIAESTHESIA" is one of my articles on the front cover of their journal called-
a website on this complex subject;


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