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Road accident patient undergoing treatment in corporate Hospital ,immdediately after the accident patient was brought into the Hopsital ina unconscious state with severe head injury, he was operated on the head bleeding was stopped , scan showed no major damage to brain, pat had gone into Coma Glasgow coma scale 4, and had been on ventilator 2nd day trachetomy was done, patient after being on ventilator for more than 15 days - started breathing without support GCS still 4,
patient had been on vegetative state-- Doctors stated that we have reveiwed the patient progonosis cannot be predicted and no more specific medication to enhance the progress, please wait and pray------all these days as an Homoeopath in my mind --- what if we give Arnica m /Nat sulph/-- Doctors at the Hospital permitted us to handle the case-- we went into the ICU with bottle of Arnica M 200.
1.How to adminster the medicine since the mouth is closed, we administered 5 drops with the feed and applied Arnica 200 on palms and forehead of the patient, next day patient opened his eyes for the first time in 20 days,but still eyes do not react-- GCS- 5-6.
How do we proceed ???

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Respected dr.sahib
i am sure and confident that if patient has started breathing without xygen mask,he will improve further with GCS,WE must wait patiently .
So far so good sir.
Camphor and Carbo. veg may be considered.
Any response to auditory or tactile stimuli ?
Dear Lovepreet

Your idea of inquiring the attendants and finding the constitutional drug does sound very ideal, but in a comatose state the vitality is often low to respond to a constitutional remedy, and specially more so if the state has risen from a trauma or external means with no internal dynamic causes being directly responsible for the comatose state.

If the patient had bleeding in the brain, then there is almost certainly serious inflammation akin to what is found in encephalitis, since blood is extremely toxic in that area.

Using whatever you know of the patient, please assume that there is severe inflammation and use a remedy that can treat it, such as Phosphorus or Belladonna.
My patient of Coma died on 29-1-10 evening , 2days after being shifted to a nursing home, the physiotherapist had an exhaustive session of moving the limbs ,and making the patient sit forceably, leading to exhaustion, respiratory distress and delay in getting oxygen cylinder .
I'm so sorry to hear that he died. Thank you for letting us know.
Sorry to hear that, may his soul rest in peace.
Our condolences for this valiant effort. You did everything humanly possible. As Ranga has said, May His Soul Be In Peace.
So sorry he died. My sympathies.


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