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Road accident patient undergoing treatment in corporate Hospital ,immdediately after the accident patient was brought into the Hopsital ina unconscious state with severe head injury, he was operated on the head bleeding was stopped , scan showed no major damage to brain, pat had gone into Coma Glasgow coma scale 4, and had been on ventilator 2nd day trachetomy was done, patient after being on ventilator for more than 15 days - started breathing without support GCS still 4,
patient had been on vegetative state-- Doctors stated that we have reveiwed the patient progonosis cannot be predicted and no more specific medication to enhance the progress, please wait and pray------all these days as an Homoeopath in my mind --- what if we give Arnica m /Nat sulph/-- Doctors at the Hospital permitted us to handle the case-- we went into the ICU with bottle of Arnica M 200.
1.How to adminster the medicine since the mouth is closed, we administered 5 drops with the feed and applied Arnica 200 on palms and forehead of the patient, next day patient opened his eyes for the first time in 20 days,but still eyes do not react-- GCS- 5-6.
How do we proceed ???

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I really don t have experience, but my first tought was opium...
Best wishes!
On January 3, 2010 I sent message to Dr Vashisht
Looking in Morrison's Desktop Companion: Concussion
There are nine main remedies
So far patient has been given Arnica.
The next one Opium is for pupils constricted

It is possible needs more arnica

The others listed: Arnica, Cicuta, Helleborus, Hypericum, Hyoscyamus, Natrum-sulph [as mentioned], Oenanthe, Opium, Zincum

Today's Update from Dr Vashisht: Patient developed fever he was given antibiotics, since it continued for 3 days. I recorded the fever hourly and found that fever was high after 6 pm. We gave Rhus tox 200 1d next day fever was unl but by 10 pm patient developed convulsions.
(There is a history of patient having convulsions occasionally).
Since the cranial pressure increased he was operated upon a stent was put patient today is back in ICU, no fever , reacting to deep pinch he opens his eyes, fluid has accumalted in the left lobe of the lungs which had been aspirated. A dose of Arnica 200 has been given today.
Raised cranial pressure is answered by Nat.Sul. 30
Fever is safely handled by 30 which would also check any sepsis if present.
Dr Ranga sai ; Thanks for your guidance.
Patient was given Nat sulph 200 1dose on 4-jan-10 after aspiration of fluid from the left lobe of the lungs which he had developed after cranial surgery to bring down the cranial pressure a stent was put.
Patient is still in coma was on ventilator for 2 days , he is at present breathing with support GCS is 7, fever unl
Have you administered Hypericum in a higher potency ? And probably you require Arnica higher than 200, say 10M or so.
The remedy that comes to mind is carbo vegetabilis.

Just checked in Boericke, "Patient may be almost lifeless." Thirtieth and higher potency in collapse.
Dear Dr.Vashisht,

Indeed an interesting case. I think Belladonna will work fine, reasons being:
1. Boenninhausen clearly states: Complete unconsciousness.
2. Allen key notes further states: threatened with convulsions, Aggravation: after 3 p. m.; night, after midnight. It also covers aspect of Fever.
Belladonna is one of the basic remedy for congestion in brain. As this patient was in an accident, inflammation in head is the prime concern, and I think Belladonna will relieve this inflammation/congestion in due course.

Administering the Remedy: Even though he is intubated, just putting few drops on tongue will suffice.

GCS should improve over time.

My humble contribution to your case. Good Luck


Thank you S.K. This confirms recommendation this morning when heard their was sudden high fever with cranial pressure [similar to meningitis]. Belladonna.
Really i have a bad experience with such case.
It was my friend who was met with an accident just 2 months before our final year exams.
He Had some droplets of blood over his ventricles of brain, and he went to coma without any injury in his body.
As we were final year students that time, we tried many drugs secretly hiding from the allopathic doctors, Hepar sulph, Opium, arnica, Natrum sulph... But we failed to recover him.
And since 2005, he is in coma, still he is so...

I feel guilt that i could not make a recovery with homoeopathy in his case....

If any one can give a good choice of management i thank them.
Dear Charu. I am very sorry to hear this news. In fact, I have heard stories of people in a coma for years and years, then suddenly they wake up. Do not give up hope. It may be the body going into a state of stasis so that it can heal a deep injury.

Continue to massage, give oils, fragrances and other stimulants of nourishment and care for the body.

Hypericum 10M
Arnica 10 M

Opium begin with 30 or 200, once you see an improvement you may administer high.
Nat. sul. 30 if there is raised ICP suspected.

You may adopt olfaction if the patient is comatose. Homeopathic medicines work on principles of nerve stimulation and have nothing to do digestion or assimilation. So you may touch a cotton swab wet with 2 drops of the medicine, on the tongue for 5 - 6 sec should suffice.

Medicines wont do their job if the potency is insufficient.
That's when we fail.
Charu ... you may first begin with Hypericum CM
followed with Arnica 10M
Nat Sul 30 can be given 2 times a day and so it is with Opium 30.

Pituitarin 30 if there is a CVA. It will promptly dissolve the clots.
A Haematoma in a 4 months infant was completely resolved with 3 doses of Pituitarin 30C, given to the mother, the subsequent MRI showing no traces of any haematoma at all.

This should help.


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