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A boy of 7 years old, 10kgs, thin, under-nourished was brought for gaining height and weight. The pediatrician had tested and found no disease, prescribed tonics but no change. The kid is active and at times hyperactive. His skin looks dehydrated and wrinkled, specially at the back of hands, face, arms, and feet.

Me: Did your kid suffered from any disease?

Mom: The kid's dr said he doesn't have TB or pneumonia. He is usually a healthy child. But the problem is, he doesn't eat much but keeps on playing the whole day. I have to force him to eat.

Me: You mean, your kid never ever had fever or loose stools or vomiting?

Mom: He has been usually healthy over last 4-5 years. Might have got occasional cold but was never given any treatment. While the younger kid is always on treatment for fever or coughs. At 3 years of age, he had herpes on his lips and later it was on chest.

Me: How was he born? Any problems immediately after the kids birth?

Mom: He was born normally at Pemna hospital. Cried immediately. On 7th day, circumcision was done. No problems at all.

Me: Thats nice. Between 3 to 6 months or between 6 to 12months...

Mom: The kid's father spoke,"When he was about 11 months, he used to cry a lot before and while passing urine. It remained for 2 weeks. One day we noticed sand in his diapers but thought that diaper got polluted. But after few days my mother pointed out that the urine passed by the kid used to crystallize into powder. We confirmed it when the kid passed urine in diaper again. Local doctor gave some syrup and it reduced.

Me: Looking towards the kid's mother "Don't you recall it?"

Mom: I remember but it wasn't such a huge problem.

Me: Was he able to pass urine while in sitting or sleeping position during those times?

Mom: Haa. Thats was something unusual. I had to hold him up as if standing to pass out the urine. He used to pass freely while in standing position. Isn't it odd for a kid of 11 months!?

Gave him Sarsaparilla and after 2 weeks his weight was 12 kgs and after a month 14 kgs.

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Please give more information about sarsparilla and how you made this choice.

Here the PQRS was well used to get the curative remedy.
Good job..

Those peculiar symptoms are so valuable when you see them! I have seen one urinary case with the same peculiar modality of needing to stand up to pass urine freely, although it was in an adult not an infant. Nicely spotted.  I have not seen such a good overall Sars case though - everything fits - it is quite fascinating. Thank you for sharing this.

Nice investigation, keen observation ,good case taking .......... grand result!

Thank you.

pl share if u used sarsaparilla in C scale or Lm ?

Sars was given in 1M potency. 

Reasons for selecting SARS;



3) URINE - SEDIMENT - chalk meal, like

4) Dysuria in children. Child screams before and during urination.


Generalites, emaciation, children (marasmus) (36)

Abdomen, enlarged, children, marasmus (3)

Bladder, urination, dribbling, sitting, when standing urin passes freely (only Sars.)

Urin, sediment, renal calculi (21)

Urin, gravel (72)


Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica by C. Hering

Face yellow, wrinkled, old-looking.

Small stones are expelled from bladder.

Gravel, in children.

... when awake could pass urine only when standing.

Children emaciated ; face like old people;       

Dry, flabby skin;



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