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Does anyone have experience treating Male Sexual Dysfunction with Homeopathy?

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thank you for this report. Selenium we know is excellent for the prostate and also on the periodic chart for loss of function. Lycopodium is the best know homeopathic remedy for impotence. The total explanation of how the person experiences this dysfunction can help in the remedy selection.
When you take up a case of Erectile Dysfunction then you have to take the full case history. In my above 22 years of homeopathic practice I see that only 70 percent cases responded with homeopathic medicines. In sexual problem (genuine not linked with mind) homeopathy is not too good as compared to herbal or natural medicines. I have done four years of Herbal medicine course from National Council for Tibb Government of Pakistan. The only reason behind was in few cases where I badly need homeopathic medicine’s response, the medicines totally failed and then I got good response by using herbal natural product. But at the same time, there are many cases where I did not get any response from herbal or acupuncture or other alternative medicines I got excellent results from homeopathic medicines.

Here I want to present my observation of AGNUS CASTUS.

A man age 35 got late married. His wife was young, beautiful and smart. He told me that he is unable to perform the act. He was accompanied with his wife. In Pakistan, there is no tradition to visit clinic with wife. It’s a long story and I cut it short.

I took up the complete case and find that

He was facing impotent like problem, His penis was small and flabby. He said, I am unable to perform the act. Although I got excited but not complete and suddenly face relax position then for week I do not see that position again.

My impression was, due to late age marriage he is mentally disturbed. There is fear in his mind. 2ndly he was passing night with a woman. He had no experience earlier.

Again I also want to mention here that Pakistani Girls are shy girls, they mostly do not cooperate with husbands in sexual act / intercourse. The fear in man’s mind was he cannot satisfy his wife and infront of her he is impotent although he was not.

Here we can see many many remedies that can be helpful but I took the following symptom

Male Genitals relax when excited Small and cold

He told me that he reported his case to few homeopaths before who gave him agnus castus mother tincture and but without any benefit. He was facing more worse condition after the use of medicines.

This observation pinched my mind and I decided to give him aganus castus 200 one dose only.

His wife was graduate and I talked to her in the absence of his husband and said, “Sister: Your husband is 100% ok the only problem is that he is shy and have lack of confidence. If you will cooperate and build his confidence he is able to perform the act.

On next visit, both were very happy as for the first time he able to perform proper intercourse.

Dear viewers and readers!

Agnus castus in potency form increases the flow of blood in the penis, stimulate hormonal function and build confidence. In mother tincture form, it removes sensitivity and we should use them in young boys for night fall complaints or prostatorrhea.

Agnus Castus had dual effect. How to tackle both situations or conditions? just by bringing variation in potencies.
Dr.MAS, i could not follow when you said genuine sexual problem not linked with mind homoeopathy is not too good
how can you interpret a person without his mind.Homoeopathy considers man as a whole and when you apply mother tinctures or lower potencies with a view that we not need to have mentals then they won't work or work temporarily on just local leval. Homoeopathy holds too good for sexual problems as most of the times patient falls into psoro sycotic category with predomination of menatls of these miasmatic conditions.Majoririty of male sexual problems are having :

H/o excessive masturbation
H/o excessive sexual indulgences
sexual fantacies
lack of self confidence
stage fright
homo sexuality

all these are results of dominating miasm and considering it can have a good result in a given case.
Patient is always impatient to have result but we have to narrate to him about the approximate time ( if he is concerned about the time factor ) it will take to respond.
Presently i am working on a case of a male Mr. k.D. 35 yrs who is having a flaccid state and totally unable to perform since 7-8 years and his marriage is in a worst state as his wife ( as he said ) admit to him that she had relation with his younger brother when he is out of state for job.
while talking this whole narration patient was sitting still and keep smiling for every reply and statement.He was having his frontal portion of head near to bald as mojority of hairs were absent.
he is having night falls frequently almost 7-8 per week
discharge of semen while urinating at stool and urinating before
history of frequent masturbation before marriage since age of 16 years even 3 times a day
friends are very less
In short, patient felt he cannot have friends as he feels they made plots against him as he is an easy target and due to non reactiveness of his, people does all wrongs against him.i feel if i can defend if i been blessed with strength whioch he lacks .he feels like it is shitty life and it is better to die but what wud have happen to his family .As he feels his state is incurable and no one can cure him , even now if he came its just because of a referral made .i lost all the hope now and left to nature whatever happens.
he further adds he never retaliate to cvomments made as he is afraid of quarrels and really afraid of ghosts as he himself experienced it long back 10-12 years when he urinating in outskirts of village under a tree that someone held him from behind and he even can't move for 5-7 mnts.This create a hell out of him.
he promised me that if i cure him he provide me with plenty of patients but the condition is cure him
verbatim is lengthy but in short i took certain rubrics from details :

loathing life
despair recovery
smiling involuntary
a/f fright
delu conspiracies against him
meat desires
spices desire

prescription made 6 weeks back
presently he is
not having discharge during urination or defeacation
no nightly emissions
no hemorrhage anus ( as told in follow up that he was having it since long, not told coz he felt it unrelated)
increase in confidence ( as he told me that he was trying to learn a language since years but was not feeling that he can do it, but now he can speak and write it as he learnt within 2 weeks fully well )
he told me he is having recuurent dreams of flying ( of the remedy he recieved 0
infrequent erections while sleeping and sometime at urination
he asked is it really happening ?
appetite is better
sleep good
before he dare not to change his job inspite repeated insults for the aforesaid reasons since 7 years, but now he left the job and take a new with better incentive

still under sac lac with observation

prescription made Lyco 10M 1 dose stat once.
Quote: Dr.MAS, i could not follow when you said genuine sexual problem not linked with mind homoeopathy is not too good

MAS: Most of the sex problems are related or linked with mind. A genuine impotent (that has no link with mind) is very difficult to cure or treat with homeopathy. Might be , you know you hardly see one or two genuine IMPOTENT in your entire practice. Even you see azoospermia case but you find the person is not impotent. He is potent but without sperms. That's the point I wanted to convey. Its my observation you may disagree with it. I also see impotent (somebody declared him impotent) although he was not as he some 20 years ago, performed two times intercourse in potent condition.
Dr. Mas, hope i am not doing something thats hurting , as you are very senior to me and very respectful for me in that sense as we are here to learn from each other and healthy critics is what may grow us in all the fields and directions.
As you said genuine impotent have no mental games involved, it may be when some nerve cutting, blockage to penile blood supply or diabetic complications, as far as i can understand if its your meaning even then we have the mentals of a miasm involved as man cannot present without expression.Impotency is a state of that miasm whatsoever the condition responsible for that state and we as homoeopath hunt for that dominating miasm
Azoospermia is a condition which may or may not be assocated with impotency. Imperfect erection/premature ejaculation may or may not be a/w azoospermia or oligospermia. But it is not directly related to impotency.
Thats true Dr.mas i may not have seen as much cases as you have, for that i need to work hard and have to learn more.
I do not disagree with you. You want to involve miasm. I have no objection to it. ;)

Miasm is itself the most controversial theory. :D

Miamatic terrain wasn’t controversial to Hahnemann. But not necessarily integral to finding the remedy.

Dr.Mas, controversial ? how it is controversial ? everything which is not understood can be called as controversial. Learning homoeopathy without understanding fundamental cause is something controversial in cannot be a true student of homoeopathy untill he masters this theory of fundamental causes called MIASM. I do not want to involve miasm in this particular topic,miasms are running underneath with every particular cell of the body.It involves our very being,we cannot exclude ourselves from the very existence of this.Whatsoever disease is, without the influence of this disease cannot make a single move.You have right to disagree, but i was replying to yours version tat homoeopathy does not hold good results when applied in genuine case of impotency i.e. a case where mind is not involved..
I agree it is useful but controversial :D
Dr. Meakin Mittu : Everything which is not understood can be called as controversial.
MAS: No! My dear that’s not correct. Burmuda Triangle mystery has not yet understood but it is not controversial. All have the opinion that there are so many theories that explains the secrecy of Burmuda but there is non “ONE” that can be declared the final. All are agreed on this point that it has to be solved yet.

Miasm is different in that sense that its existence itself is divisive. I am NOT denying it does not exist in homeopathy but I do know there is a group that totally denies its existence. An example can be presented to elaborate my thinking. In the beginning miasm were 3 then Tuburcular was added then people moved to cancer and today each SYNDROME is considered as a separate miasm. I don’t know whether you have encountered this situation or not. But if this situation prevails then the time will come when you will consider each disease as a separate miasm and then finally each individual would be taken as SEPARATE INDIVIDUAL WITH SEPARATE MIASM in near future.
controversy (in webster is ): a lengthy discussion of an important question in which opposing opinions clash; debate; disputation
clash or dispute appears where there are misunderstanding or self-made understandings by different parties regarding same subject that makes the subject controversial.
Burmuda triangle is a controversial subject where different opinions were placed and still no point is finalised and opinions are clashing with each other's, as there is no authority to finalise, all are same.
but here in miasmatic theory the authority is dr hahnemann who has made it amply clear and one has to dig it in depth to understand different realms and expressions of it.
It is upto us to see towards which direction, to whom we consider the authority.

Why would anyone think they could make a controversy out of something so clear in the Organon?


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