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Campaign on Homeopathy Inaugurated

Staff Reporter - Feb 24, 2010

Central Council for Research

PUDUCHERRY: A State-level campaign on Homeopathy for Mother and Child Healthcare was inaugurated on Tuesday.

Home Minister E. Valsaraj, who also holds the health portfolio, inaugurated the two-day campaign, which was organised by the Directorate of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy.

The topics discussed on the first day included introduction to homeopathy and status of homeopathy in the country and Puducherry, scope and potential of homeopathy in mother and child healthcare and mainstreaming of AYUSH* in Puducherry.

Scientific sessions on homeopathy management in problems in children, gastro-intestinal disorders in children, lactation problem in mothers, neonatal jaundice, hypertension in pregnancy, and integration of homeopathy system with modern system in the area of mother and child care, strengths and limitation of homeopathy and yoga as a boon for mother and child care, were held.

Director of Health Dilip Kumar Baliga, Director of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy Directorate Jawahar Babu and nodal officer of AYUSH N. Balaji were present.

AYUSH is an acronym that is used to refer to The 'Department of AyurvedaYoga and NaturopathyUnaniSiddha and Homoeopathy'. It is part of the Ministry of Health & Family WelfareGovernment of India[1]

If anyone has further information about these sessions and development of programming please keep us informed. 

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Here's a link to the pdf for the proceedings to the National Workshop for Homeopathy for Healthy Mother and Happy Child:

It's from Nov 2007, so it's not very up to date, but gives more details to this project. Do any of the Indian homeopaths here have any more recent news on how this is going?
Hi Jennifer Hautman ,
Link below shows different research assignments of Institutes Under Central Council Of Homoeopathy in India ,
I hope this will be useful
Thank you for information and links
Here's another link, thanks to Dr. Rajiv Chopra:


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