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Maharashtra cabinet had given permission to Homoepathy to practice allopathy with completion of one pharmacology course

The Maharashtra State Assembly and Legislative Council's nod on Friday to the Bill that allows homeopaths to practice allopathy after a one-year bridge course in pharmacology, has drawn sharp objections from the medical fraternity. While the Indian Medical Association (IMA) said it would move court over the State government move, Dr Bahubali Shah, administrator, Maharashtra Council of Homeopathy, termed it a positive development.

"We have 62,000 homeopaths registered with the council, of which only 10,000 practice pure or classical homeopathy. The remaining doctors are into mixed practice anyway. This decision will be extremely helpful to patients, especially in areas where there is acute shortage of doctors," said Shah. While the Maharashtra Homeopathy Practitioners Act is awaiting amendment, the State government on Thursday amended the Maharashtra Medical Practitioner's Act to regularise a gazette notification of 1992 that allowed ayurveda practitioners to practice allopathy. Ayurveda practitioners, however, do not need to complete the bridge course as pharmacology is already part of their syllabus.


Reacting to the State government's move to allow homeopaths to practice allopathy, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) announced its decision to take the legal recourse. "This is totally a politically-motivated move. The State government is simply legalising quackery by doing this. We will be moving the high court against this decision soon," said Dr Jayesh Lele, president, IMA. He added that the move will benefit as many as 46 homeopathy colleges owned by politicians that are running empty. Meanwhile, the State government has already instructed the Maharashtra University of Health Science (MUHS) to design the one-year bridge course called 'Certificate Course in Modern Pharmacology'.


Over the years, various courts have pulled up homeopaths and ayurveda practitioners for prescribing allopathy medicines. In relation to a medical negligence case in 1996, the Supreme Court order had stated, "A doctor must not only be qualified but he must also be registered with the appropriate Medical Council in order to practice as a doctor. A homeopath would not have knowledge about allopathic medicines and its drug reactions. So the mere administration of allopathic treatment by ahomeopath would be enough proof to establish negligence.''

Doctors practicing modern medicine too believe that patients stand to suffer. "We routinely get cases of acute kidney injuries or kidney failures due to wrongly prescribed allopathic drugs. Antibiotics and painkillers are the most abused. Patients eventually land up in hospital with their kidneys damaged," said nephrologist Dr Mohan Bahadur from Jaslok Hospital.

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This is totally a political move to field the homoeopathic seat in homoeopathic college.

please keep us informed.

This is a totally unethical and faithless move by those mongrels who will never know what is homoeopathy. They spend 4-5 years learning to defame homoeopathy. There is a test called MH-CET. This test has to passed by 12th year students after science fraternity. If they get lower marks, their rank will be like this = MBBS, BDS (dentals), BAMS (Ayurveda), BHMS (Homoeopathy), Siddha, Naturopathy etc. If they get BHMS they will have to take the allopathy course and complete it in order to save money and will become only doctors.

They have to pass Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology (Microbiology), Surgery, Organon, Homoeopathic materia medica and Forensic medicines courses. In the BHMS course there is not a single word of pharmacology other than materia medica. After passing, the student will be forced to pay money for an internship and has to leave college by any way.

The college camp does not provide any education from the homoeopathic point of view. Then the so called "homeopathic student" will go to an allopathic hospital and learn to watch the patients in their viewpoint. Now he becomes an allopathic doctor in one year and has to earn money in the rural and urban areas illegally.

Doctors who do not have permission to practice allopathy will practice allopathy by doing one year of practical observation in allopathic medicine. Then, they will try to fulfill the demand of their family. This has been going on for many years in the homeopathic colleges. Maharashtra government is blindly looking at all this and putting people's lives in danger. They say that MBBS doctors are not ready to do practice in rural areas and the government is unable to handle emergency crisis. After many years of these doctors practicing in the rural areas, now the government has finally started banning these quacks, because the government finally knows what they are doing with the health of people.

There are over 60,000 homeopathic doctors who never learned how the homoeopathy movement started and grew so fast. All those doctors came on the road and started this movement and demanded to legally practice allopathy. Finally, the Maharashtra government, in order to save their political image, have  given permission for homeopaths to practice allopathy without taking into consideration the Central Council India and World Homoeopathic Council.

Your are correct dr. Chandrakant bhapkar

With each decision, right and privilege for homeopaths to practice medicine, there come positive and negative outcomes. Depending upon the individual homeopaths attitude to practice the highest form of medicine - "homeopathy" and continue their daily studies.  In addition, the response of the homeopathic community via their organizations and governing bodies to find a way to integrate these new laws to improve the quality and practice of homeopathic medicine. 

Understanding the use and action of pharmaceutical drugs will help homeopathic physicians differentiate the action of drugs versus the action of natural disease when case taking. 

The decision to use pharmaceutical drugs alongside of homeopathic remedies in appropriate situations may become commonplace. In life threatening situations when the suitable homeopathic remedy has not been chosen, but the individual suffers great pain, inflammation or pathological destruction, the 'drugs' may put the patient at ease long enough for rest and recovery, plus finding a more active homeopathic remedy. 

The homeopath must constantly learn his craft, the materia medica and repertory, study the Organon and other literature, cases and journals to be the best homeopath possible. 

I feel with the acceptability of practicing "allopathy" and the homeopaths choice to utilize homeopathy, the people and medical world will raise the level in esteem of this practice; and raise the bar for utilizing "homeopathy" by all allopaths. The tables will turn and allopathic MDs will have to learn the secrets of homeopathy for healing all acute and chronic conditions. 

Debby, The things are not like you are thinking. The so called homoeopathic doctors are having homoeopathic degree but they are not using any homoeopathic medicines for treatment of the patient, they uses only allopathic drugs illegally. The point you have raise is correct but not on this place and time. I am agree that using allopathic emergency drugs where the vitality is low and the pain can not tolerated at any cost. So shift the patient to the another allopathic hospital is wise decision of homoeopath for legal issues. But with one year pharmacology course homoeopathic learned doctors not fully practice as allopathic doctors.

Since many days the fight of allopathy and homoeopathy people of maharashtra and India are aware that there is no matter of taking admission to homoepathic course because they dont know the future. Now so called homeopathic colleges are vacant since the last five and more years for students. Students are choosing another course for that purpose. So this has to be solved to save the huge college and bread and butter of owner of the college. The principles and parallel field peoples are in a movement and taking a side of health issues of rural people.

Dr Chandrakant - I am not there amidst the controversy and able to hear all sides speaking. I do not know how the physicians are practicing and their qualifications, training and experience. 

What I know are those on HWC who are well qualified homeopaths, taking proper cases and using remedies in the classical method, or a variety of methods such as sensation, facial analysis, and others with a foundation of classical. 

I know that cells salts, gemmotherapy, low potency and high potency with adjunct integrative therapies may be used. 

When bringing crude drugs of allopathy and homeopathy together, I think of 'emergency' medicine which saves the patient; and then the use of homeopathy for first aide acute following up with chronic homeopathic protocol. 

I'm not fully aware of who and what these "students" are doing with allopathy and pharmaceuticals. If they are "students" they are not yet qualified to call themselves physicians or practice as such. 

Anyone taking a short course must have gained tutelage and experience on how to use medicines properly. I'm not fully understanding the legalities and how the government pushes the use of drugs and pharmaceuticals upon physicians and homeopaths and even the general public. 

Here, in America, we have constant advertisements by the pharmaceutical companies that speak directly to the consumer. These drug companies want the public to go to their physician and ask for these drugs. This is how they persuade doctors to give drugs to the public, their private patients. It should be illegal. 

So many Homoeopaths  in UP India are also looking for this .
It is only  a political move & selling methodology of patents by manufacturers .


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