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LM Potency is the latest contribution of Master Samuel Hahnemann on 1842. Now a day, very few physician Homeopaths uesed it. For the sick humanity, we should used this weapon, to cure the sick. Cure should be Rapid, Gentle & Permenent way by easily comprehensible principle.

Please let me know your openion.

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i have been using LM potencies from last 15 years they are very good and give nice results but needs care to be handled because while using them one needs to constantly be in touch with patient. there is lot of freedom while using them and needs lots of experimentation ,recently i am streching the single potency say LM 01 using it further as per aph.246 changing it before shifting to LM 02
You may use it (LM/1) further, but, you should succussed at least 100 time. Because, previously LM/1 if in 8 doses usesd, there we give atleast 80 succussions.
i meant to say as per the guidelines we need to use only one globule ,dissolved in portable water in a bottle which is given 10 strokes in hammer like action and then further a portion of solution is taken and further dissolved in water and given in divided doses frequency depending upon each individual case, but in order to make the medicine as per apho 246 we can change the volume of portable water, no of strokes and even the no of globules. the chronicles of hahnemann has mentioned using LM 001 OR LM 002 DOSES

hello, everyone !

if you are interested in LM potencies I recomend reading David Littles material about the theme. He is presenting his historic material in a very practical way.

Here is a direkt link



I have seen gross pathological cases to be cured with LM potencies...

dear Dr. Kumar !

so do I - several cancer cases are getting better and a Multiple Sc lerosis is keeping up energi level - which otherwise is not the case.

one cancer case is now mostly concerned about her food allergies, another about her constipation, another just happy with the nodules getting smáller.

LM works gentle and effective.




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