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Dear Friends,
Do you think that, Hahnemann's latest contribution, the LM potency can cure any case in shortest time? What are the experiences? In incurable case, may we give relief quickly? In very acute phase, what are to be done? What will be in most Chronic Cases? Hahnemann wanted, cure must be Gentle, Quick, Permanent in easily comprehensible way. Please comment from your own experiences.


Dr. Satchidananda Choudhury
114/M Raja S. C. Mullick Road
Kolkata 700032
Phone: 0091-33-24309188
Mobile: 0091-9433688901
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It has been almost 164 year that Hahnemann died (1843). Since then, the world of science has leaped great distances. There is a great progress in the field of medical science too. But has there been great progress in Homoeopathy too?
Hahnemann, from 1810 to 1843, before his death, had worked to give the world of Homoeopathy its completeness. He was also done edition and alternation of Organon of Medicine for almost 6 times. The sixth edition of Organon of Medicine was been termed as the ‘most perfect of all, the perfected method’ by him. Have we been able to accept the last contribution of Hahnemann? Till now most of the people follow the 5th edition of Organon. Even when the 6th edition of the Organon of Medicine has been considered to be the most perfect, then why are we still engaged with the 5th edition?
Hahnemann used to practice to administer the medicine according to 5th edition of Organon, the centesimal potency for long time. He had to face various difficulties when he practices with these medicines of centesimal potencies. The main problems are:
i. Gentle and rapid cure according to the 2nd aphorism of Organon is not at all possible.
ii. The undesirable medicinal reaction or aggravation comes even after the wel-selected medicine is administered.
iii. A dose of high potency acts for a long time.
iv. Repetition of dose is not possible even if there are remnants of disease, in consequence of which the patient suffers for a long time.
v. The problems of administration of doses and potencies still create controversy and confusion.
Master Hahnemann worked hard for five years for 1838 to 1842 and devoted himself to task of further observation and revision specially of the preparation and administration of the medicine and before his demise, he has given the new, altered but perfected method, in the 6th edition of the Organon of Medicine.
Hahnemann’s opinion about the LM potency in the Organon 6th edition,” What is said in the Organon, in a long footnote to this paragraph in order to prevent these undesirable reaction of the vital energy, was all that experience I then had justified. But during the last four or five years, however, all these difficulties are wholly solved by my new altered but perfected method.’
He said. “…. By means of this method of dynamization (the preparation thus produced, I have found of the many laborious experiments and counter experiments, to be the most powerful and at the same time mildest in action, i.e., as the most perfected) the material part of the medicine is lessened with each of dynamization, 5000 times and yet incredibly increased in power…”
The medicine of LM potencies “… touches all suffering parts curatively.”


The Fifty Millesimal Scale potency has been mentioned in the sixth edition of Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine (Aphorism 270).
This edition was published well after death of Hahnemann (1921).
It is claimed that Madame Hahnemann was not ready to part when it unless she was paid a very large ad handsome royalty. After her death, her heirs, who were more reasonable, gave the copy to Dr.Willam Boericke for publication.

The following instructions for the preparation of Fifty Millesimal potency are given in Aphorism 270 of the sixth edition of Organon.

Crude substance is reduced to 3c level by trituration in accordance with the process described earlier. The drug strength is 3c = 1/1000000.

Take one grain (0.063 mg) of this 3c and dissolve in 500 drops (25 g m) of alcohol and distilled water (30%) in a ratio of 1:4.

Drug strength of the mother tincture is: 0.63/25 x 1/10 power of 6 = 1/400 x 1/10 power of 6 (approx) or = 1/4 x 1/10 power of 8. This is known as "Mother Tincture".

To make 1st potency i.e. LM 1, or 0/1 add one minim of the mother tincture prepared as above to 500 globules of milk sugar, weighing one grain. One globule will have drug strength. = 1/4 x 1/10 power of 8 x 1/500. Add one globule of this to 100 minims of 90% alcohol. Now the drug strength is = 1/4 x 1/8 power of 8 x 1/500 x 1/100. One minim of this should moisten 500 globules of No.10 globules size weighing 1 grain.
One globule will posses a drug strength = 1/4 x 1/10 power of 8 x 1/500 x 1/100 x 1/500
= 1/10 power of 16 = 8c
To prepare the 2nd potency, use the same steps and you will get:
1/10 power of 16 x 1/50000 = 1/5 x 10 power of 20
One should be careful to note that there shall be no comparison of centesimal potencies with 50 millesimal potencies. The calculation shown above is only to bring home the development of power of 50 millesimal potency. It is not the quantity of the drug but how a strength is achieved through succussion, 8c under centesimal is achieved by 80 stroke only, but 1/10 power of 16 under 50 millesimal at 1st potency is achieved after 200 such successions.
Hahnemann thus proved maximum drug strength with minimum manipulation, which bears testimony to his remarkable genius. He kept on searching for a better answer in the drug strength to fight the disease; their scale widens the gap between the medicinal subtraction or quantity and diluting medium or menstruum, reducing the medicinal quantity to obviate any furious potency exaggeration. He also changed the number of strokes from 10 to100 to develop and more rapid and long-lasting penetration.
These potencies are labeled as LM potencies 0/1, 0/2, 0/3, 0/30, as they are prepared subsequently in the scale.
Hahnemann instructed that all these potencies be prepared by hand. He did not subscribe to the idea of using any mechanical contrivance. But this is reasonable as long as small quantities are to be prepared. Shaking large quantities of drugs in big bottles cannot be potentised. American Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia (AHP) and the German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia (GHP) have changed from drops or minims to parts by weight. The British Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia (BHP) and the American Homoeopathic pharmacopoeia have limited the preparation to 10 ml at a time. It is difficult or impracticable to purse Hahnemann's technique for the preparation of high and higher potencies. Whatever is available, as high potencies may not be taking has purely
Hahnemannian. The technique is modified. A contraption especially designed for the purpose prepares all the high potencies. The symbols 1m, 10m, cm, mm, are mere denominations but their exact mode of preparation is not disclosed.


1. The latent and indwelling essence of material substance of medicines develop to its fuller extent, so also the qualitative transformation in its higher form and in action it is more powerful in this scale of dilutions.
2. It is milder in reaction. It can be safely used even in the most deplorable case without fear of dangerous and violent medicinal aggravation.
3. It can be frequently repeated if and when necessary. Even the medicines of long continued action may be administered safely. In urgent acute cases it can be repeated in every hour or oftener and in chronic cases daily or every second day (or as the case in hand needs).
4. It cures both acute and chronic cases in surprisingly quickest possible time of used by olfaction without any sever medicinal aggravation.
5. This new system gives full freedom to both physicians and patients from tyranny of centesimal scales. Thus medicines can be used off and when necessary. If the selection found to be wrong, well-selected new medicine may be used without antidoting previous one.
6. Patients who have not been cured completely by the higher and highest potencies of centesimal scale recovers only by a few courses of these new potencies.
7. By the new scale of medicines rapid cure of chronic cases are possible which is the greatest boon to the Homoeopathic profession. The period of treatment may be ‘diminished to one-half, one quarter and even less’ with this system only. Only this new system can face boldly any challenge with the so-called modern medicines in regard to quickest recovery.

Preparation of medicinal solution

We are to take one new 4-ounce phial and cork; the phial is to be filled with 3.5 ounce of distilled water. For preservation of solution 10 to 15 drops of rectified spirit are to be added. One medicated globule of No.10 of the selected medicine is to be put. The solution is to be divided into 7 to 8 doses. This is the medicinal solution ready for administration.


Both in acute and chronic cases we are to start with the one of the dilution from the lowest degrees of dynamization, i.e., LM/1 to LM/3 and to rise gradually. At the time of prescribing a new similimum to the same patient we are to start with any one of the dilution from LM/1 to LM/3 of the newly selected medicine.

Dose and repetition

In chronic or long lasting diseases, one dose daily or every second day. In acute diseases, two to six hourly. In very urgent cases, every hour or oftener, as required.
In all cases, the solution is to be succussed 8, 10, 12 times according to the sensitivity of the patient before use. After succussion, one dose is to be taken in a glass of water (about 4 ounce) to be stirred thoroughly and then to give one or two teaspoonfuls to the patient; the rest is to be thrown away. If there is any aggravation then further taking of the medicine is to be stopped. The aggravation will be over in a short period and then the same remedy is to be taken after diluting the medicinal dose in 2nd, 3rd or 4th glass (as the patient) can stand) preparation as above. Thus, we can easily control the medicinal aggravation.


Dr. Satchidananda Choudhury was born in 1956.
After graduation he passed DMS with distinction in 1982 from Metropolitan Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, a leading college in India.
He is the elder son of Dr. Harimohan Choudhury, the legend of LM Potency in the world. Under the direct guidance of Dr. Harimohan Choudhury until his demise in 1990, Dr. Satchidananda Choudhury made himself as a Classical Homoeopath in India and abroad.
He is practicing completely with the help of LM potency, the latest contribution of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homoeopathy. He treated patient suffering from incurable diseases like AIDS, Brain tumor, Cancer etc.
Side by side he is engaged with different social and cultural organization like Homoeopathic Forum, International Homoeopathic Organization to Prevent Nuclear War, Homoeopathic Bijnan Parisad, International Society for the Cultivation of Homoeopathic Science, All India Medicos Federation, Indian Society for Culture and Friendship, Youth Guild for Friendship etc.
He delivers many lectures in different National and International seminars. He also writes many articles on Homoeopathy, Culture, and Social aspect. He edits journals like Homoeopathic Forum Swasta Patrika, Youth Guild Sambad, and Seva etc. He is also engaged with the teaching in MJRG Pharmaceutical Institute.
He has totally dedicated himself for the betterment of sick humanity.

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Hello Dr Satchidananda ~ I'm sure you will get a lot of responses on this question.
Hallo Dr Satchldananda

i have a blog on LM-potencies with some of my experiences.
I use them in about 90% of my casework and find confirmation of Hahnemann's observations.


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