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Hi All !!

Happy to be accepted as member of this community. For many month I have read the posts and learned from you, now I can post and ask questions.   Has anyone of you ever heard that the proper use for LM potencies start in LM/30, then goes down to LM/24, LM/18...six by six ?


In the book "Fifty Millesimal Potency in Theory and Practice" it is mentioned that some have used this descending potency practice, but haven't found any other reference for it in the whole internet..

   Any opinions?


Fifty Millesimal Potency inTheory and Practice Harimohon Choudhury  (Third revised and enlarged edition) According to Hahnemann´s Organon, Sixth Edition. The classic on LM potencies. A mastery work on these potencies including their importance, speciality, preparation and administration supplemented with case records.

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Not yet heard any such cases , can you post any case examples written ?

is this the book:

  • Fifty Millesimal Potency in Theory and Practice  by Harimohan Choudhury ?

@Viktor: yes! that is the book.

@Dr Gopal,,,there are no written examples in the book,,i only found this quote there:

"Some physicians start treatment with LM/3, LM/6, LM/ 9 orLM/12; some others start with LM/30"

Originally i heard this from a school where students are teached to start with LM/30, after my research i found only that, however looks there is a misconception on p 246 and 270..Dr H is not referreing to use the lowest potency but the lowest dose.

It is the ascending in degrees. I give 0/30 every day to many patients , but it only reapeated once in many days. Though I would like to try 0/50, 0/100 , any one has any idea where I can get it? Ifmu check my post on psoriasis I had given a comparative chart and action in diffrent scales .


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