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Dear homeopaths,

I am curious to explore the horizons of homeopathy. The most likely this is a search of the beginner and i'd be very grateful if you gave me a helping hand.
 In my cases it's not a usually problem for me (sooner or later) to find a constitutional remedy and usually the patient gets better. But in some cases i know and i had given the constitutional remedy to a patient and he got actually better but wasn't cured completely! ..the cases of eczema, for example or anything else. At that time i do not know how to carry on. I don't have a feeling that the patient changed the constitution but the remedy doesn't bring any other improvement. What to do then? Is it a sign i should really search for the other "constitutional" remedy? Do you have any experience with the Inspiring Homeopathy from Dr. Tinus Smits?

So now i am exploring some other healing methods as acupressure and so on but i feel that homeopathy is able to help more and this is just my ignorance.

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Dear Katerina ~ First off, it is always best to have a professional homeopath take the case and not to try to take your own case.

Beyond that, sometimes you need a fresh eye and review of current presenting symptoms. As you are finding out, there can be layers to a case that are being uncovered. Every so often, an intercurrent of a nosode may be required during treatment. Sometimes, acute situations arise that require special attention.

Each case is looked at on an individual basis, and lots of research to understand its movement and direction.

I see the link to Dr Tinus Smits, but there is no specific question posed. Is there something of particular interest that pertains to the case?
Dear Katerina

Everyone is a beginner at a point in time, that should not deter your abilities. Homeopathy as Hahnemann said is medicine of experience. A detailed case history with due acknowledgement to the past medical illnesses, modalities, trauma, chemical exposures, animal bites, etc is of most significance if we are intending to cure the patient .

Cessat causa, cessat effectus.

The past history holds the key to the remedy needed.
A right anti miasmatic would take the case forward.
You may refer Chronic Diseases by Hahnemann.
Thank you for your notes. I was taught that an anti-miasmatic remedy usually cause a strong aggravation. Do you have the same experience?
Dear Katerina,welcome to HWC
regards Miasmic prescribing of homeopathic remedies-you might like to read one of my articles I wrote on this subject about 14 years ago. Its here at HWC Searchbox type in miasm or just go to my website and read the article
The complex subject of miasms takes alot of study before applying it to patients,but when it comes down to dealing with chronic complex predisposed ailments there is none better than the miams protocal. Acute prescribing just does not address these long standing imbalances. Perhaps what you are seeing is only palliation and or suppression when you notice an amel. This can be deceptive and not a cure afterall.
Constitutional prescribing is an art,most cannot comprehend in the beginning-To find the true essence of a constitutional typology is verry difficult if its truly dead-on target. Of course the potency selection of that constitutional remedy is equally important and not to be overlooked.
Dear Katerina

In homeopathic practice, aggravations reflect the deficiencies of the physician. I extensively prescribe nosodes, just like any other medicine, as and when needed, and never had an instance of aggravation at all. Ofcourse, sometimes when there is a strong history of suppression this suppression does throw out. THIS IS NOT AGGRAVATION, but cure. So nothing to worry, simple acute prescription for that condition would keep it at check.

Note of advise - Never prescribe these nosodes below 10M, now this i say not because they are dangerous or toxic in lower potencies, but because these remedies are aimed at correcting the disturbance at a deeper level, which calls for a higher potency.

Higher the potency = Deeper the action
Higher the potency = lower material substances = lower the medicinal aggravations

I usually prescribe these nosodes in CM, MM or DMM potencies.
Thank you a lot. Exactly these practical points i needed to hear.
:-) Its my pleasure and privilege, and am glad if this helped you.
Alright. So i prescribed a nosode in MM. I am curious and i am gonna wait what it brings but could anyone explain to me when ( under what circumstances) i should return to his constitutional remedy (which stopped working before)? I also read somewhere that a nosode would never be repeated! Is that also your experience and what is the reason?


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