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The days of antibiotic seems to be coming to an end? Well only time can tell.Pharmaceuticals bigwigs will do any and every thing to keep earning their dollars.

The great challenge for them lies in spread of Homeopathy for which all sorts of hurdles are being created and concocted.. But HOMEOPATHY lives on in spite of all the hurdles thrown its way;

Homeopathic community should also get their act together and fight it pragmatically.Countries like India,Pakistan,Cuba,and Latin American countries will all have to come up with proper regulation,education and research in homeopathy to fill the gap which will/may emerge sooner than later.Time is now to take on the challenge.

See the article by Sarah Boseley published in THE GUARDIAN LONDON    

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Dr Wequar,You may agree with me that India is a country, where Homeopathy is being recognised at Govt level. CCH,CCRH are two basic functionaries, and these bodies are doing a remarkable job , pertaining to regulation/Education ,and reserch in Homeopathy.

And with all humbleness I will like to add that Homeopathy is not a substitute for Allopathy.Antibiotics are there or not, the Pharmaceutical companies wouldn't stop.Allopaths will replace Anitibiotics, with certain other drugs, claiming those to be more potent than even antibiotics.For them it is a continous process.
You are right, they will conitnue making money and try to eliminate all those who come in their way.Still I am of the opinion, that Homeopathy stands upon it's on legs, and it is independent of Allopathic advancements or deterioration.
Dear Dr Sushil - How insightful! To realize that pharmaceutical companies will continue on the path they have chosen, which is motivated by feeding their pockets, rather than on truly opening their eyes to other healing modalities for the benefit of the patient. Is it a fantasy to imagine that when their eyes open to the realization that homeopathy can work, that they will search for a way to put remedies into their products; unfortunately, without the understanding that it is the 'similitude' and not the 'remedy' itself that acts upon the patient? They are looking for something 'outside' the body that will effect it, and put the healing power into the remedy, rather than understand the 'dynamic' relationship that must exist for the remedy to work. Zicam is an example of that, where they 'labeled' it homeopathic, but had many other ingredients in the medicine.
Dr Sushil,i agree with what you stated about India in particular.also consider what i stated

"But HOMEOPATHY lives on in spite of all the hurdles thrown its way;"

That will be a great day when Homeopathic Hospitals any where will treat all cases using all modern science and "science of Homeopathy" and antibiotics will play the second fiddle;

I shall await that day and live on hope that it may happen in my lifetime.


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