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Young female patient seeks treatment for 'emotional strain'

Wants to get back to the old person she was, to be happy again.

Parents have split. Lot of pressure and strain put on her.

Can’t cope – has to deal with everyone else’s problems, must be mum to everyone.

No focus, worn down, doesn’t care, so depressed.

Feels she must cope with it all at once now – tried to cover it up but it didn’t go away.

Trying to get used to her father not being there.

Trying to start a relationship with a boy.

Hear things that both parents say – doesn’t care, want to be left out of it, too young to be bothered by this.

Parents thinks she should be an adult.

Rather just remove herself from it – not coping with it. Doesn’t want to know anymore.

Gets angry, shuts the door, shuts down.


Shut Down?


She is going to break.

Will fall apart.

Pushes people away, closes off.


Fall Apart?


Doesn’t care.

Never happy.

Want to stay in bed.

Not myself – hate it.


At home, she loses it everyday. Must act like the mother, always helping out, doing housework, getting angry with them, cleaning, washing.

Always done the housework – a tidy person, but now it is a big thing – she is feeling the strain. No-one is helping her and it is harder to do it.


Wants to do what she wants but everything will fall apart if she doesn’t do this.

She must do it – must do their chores as well as hers. Just sets her mind to it and does it.

The family is broken, hurting. Everyone is angry at her father. No-one can talk without having an argument.


Physical Symptoms?


Feel weak – is a mission just to get up.

Neck and back pain – become headaches.

Back pain is bad, needs to be stretched, must stretch it. Feels like muscle strain, < sitting too long, sleeping in a bad bed. Aching pain.




Needs injections for the pain.

Starts in the neck extends over the head to the sides.

Can’t relax.

Lots of things going through my head.

Pressure inside the head, pressing inwards, throbbing

< touch, conversation, music, annoyance.

Under pressure


Under pressure?


Feels she is being relied on to make a decision.

Time is short – has so many things to do and so little time to do it.

Feels rushed.


Thinking goes very fast – of things she has to do, hurdles she has to get over, what people have said. Thoughts rushing through her head. The more she thinks the worse her headache gets. Cannot stop thinking and then the headache starts and then she needs an injection.


Always puts others before herself, then she never has anyone to help her.



The sensation in the case is one of Falling apart – the family has split, the family is broken, she will fall apart, everything will fall apart.


This leads us immediately to the Leguminosae family. Imagine the peas in their shell - you split open the case and all the little peas roll out all over the place. Legume cases talk about breaking up, splitting up, coming apart, being divided, being separated, fragmented, loose. The opposite feeling is to be bound together, joined, glued, stuck together, being as one, unity, coming together, tight, constricted.

Jan Scholten wrote some interesting information about this group which I did not read until after I saw this case.

"Life is experienced as hard and dry, with no frills and no pleasure. It is all hard work and no play"

"They tend to overexert themselves, becoming dry, humorless, disappointed"

 "In short, the overall picture is one of hardship and suffering, doom and gloom."

"Fabaceae remedies can be necessary when the whole of one’s lifetime has felt like hardship, or they can be helpful during certain periods when it is all work and no play"


The miasm is shown in phrases like her parents think she should be an adult (thus she feels she should be an adult – expectation), must act like the mother (responsibility), tidy person, she is coping with a big thing and feeling the strain, (must stretch herself to do this big task that forces her to be an adult instead of a child), she is being relied on.


This is the Cancer miasm – a small person with a huge task to keep things in total control.


Thus the remedy is the Leguminosae remedy of the Cancer miasm – Physostigma.


Notice rapid rushing thoughts – Physostigma has a symptom which is “ Rapid thoughts during headache”.


Prescription = Physostigma 200, 10 drops once only.


Patient is a changed person – relaxed, happy, able to sleep, motivated. She feels she is back to the person she was. She also feels more able to deal with the situation at home. Her back pain was no longer bothering her.

The patient was a relative of a student, and so I was able to get several reports that she remained well for a long time after this remedy.

Source: Pea Photograph The Energy of Peas

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It's so nice to read actual case studies depicting these plants and their energetic qualities. Leguminosae has: splitting apart, coming apart, scattered, and fragmented. We must listen for all the different way that the person may express the same concept. Then again, the opposite is true, the sensation of feeling or being bound together, as when the little line of peas grow within the peapod. Parts of the pea:

  • Ovary Wall: The shell of the pea pod is the ovary wall. This protects the ovules and provides a safe environment for them to grow and mature. Pea pods are dehiscent, meaning they have a seam that runs along both sides that can split open.

  • Supporting Structures: The inside of a pea pod is known as the locule. Within the locule are small stems, called funiculi, which connect the ovules to the inner wall of the pea pod. Funiculi also deliver nutrients to the ovules.

  • Ovule: Pea pod ovules develop into seeds, or peas. The ovule contains the primary root, hypocotyl and plumule. These structures will eventually produce the first root of a new pea seedling and the first stem and leaves.

Once the fruit ripens, the pea pods are split open to expel the peas, that scatter and roll out. No longer are they clustered together like sardines in a can. They are 'split up' feeling scattered about, and may feel confused. 

I suppose the great need to put everything back into order within the house, to feel secure snug inside the pod, feeling together and unified with family members shows the compensation for being separated when "mature." 

If you go further in the life of the pea. They do dry up, become hard, and the skin will wither and decompose. I like the way the patient says, "She feels she is back to the person she was." We could imagine the spine of the pea pod as her back.


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