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Anyone out there treating condylomata of larynx caused by HPV? What have been your experiences?


The illustration to the left can be called a Laryngeal or a Recurrent Respiratory Papillomas (RRP)

Symptoms of benign RRP Recurrent respiratory papillomas on the larynx include voice hoarseness and breathing difficulty.

These papilloma often recur and may require frequent operations for removal.

A concern for life occurs when they grow large enough to obstruct the airway.

It is believed they human papilloma virus (HPV causes warty growths in several parts of the body, most often affecting the skin and mucous membranes, and these RRP. HPV has been divided into many different histological types; respiratory papillomas are most often caused by types 6 and 11.

Cells infected with the virus are felt to have a failure in their normal maturation process. In contrast to laryngeal cancer, the abnormal cells do not divide more rapidly than normal cells nor do they show shows signs of what is called atypia or dysplasia. It is unusual for infected tissue to produce new viruses. However, the viruses can remain inactive after infecting tissue and then later become active following injury or irritation of the tissue.


More at Source: Eastern Virginia Medical School


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