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Large Liver Abscess A Surgical Disease Has Been Cured By Homoeopathy

I am presenting here a case of liver abscess. What should be the right title of this case, I was very confused about this matter. So I have given it more then one title. The first thing about this case is that, it reconfirm Hahnemann’s concept “Treat the sick not the disease” or we could say in kent’s word “it is man, prior to organ” it means, Your organ is damaged because you are sick, but not you are sick, because your organ is damaged. So according to Homoeopathy, the treatment of any organ without considering the real man is strongly prohibited.


            This case is also one of the most important examples of “Highest ideal of cure” that is to say, “The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensive principles” This case is unique in itself because it has three major pathology Liver abscess, acute renal failure, and marked leucosytosis (T.L.C 32000, Polymorph - 88) two minor pathology were, Patient was an old diabetic and at present, suffering from Malaria fever (P vivex positive) the most advanced and serious pathology was Liver abscess and renal failure. Liver contain approximate 380 CC abscess on posterior surface near about diaphragm. Regarding renal failure, the Blood urea of the patient is 140 and S- creatinine 3.40. Now please think about all these pathology and possible treatment of all these disease in allopathy. Now first considered about


-          Liver abscess - according to allopathy, liver abscess is the result of infection especially of pyogenic organism. Minor liver abscess can be treat with antibiotic alone, but in case of large abscess, surgery is compulsory. Abscess must be removed by surgical intervention because it can produce much complication, it may be bust and the busting of the abscess of the right lobe of liver may produce Pleurisy. Same as busting of left lobe of liver may produce pericarditis. So the conclusion is liver abscess is life threatening condition and surgical intervention is necessary.

-          Renal failure – it is another life threatening condition, there is no effective treatment present in allopathy at present time. The case can be managed by dialysis, ultimately patient death is ensured.


This very life threatening case is cured by homoeopathy in very short span of time. Without any suffering and permanently This patient was admitted in the hospital, where allopathic treatment was conducted on him. But there was no marked improvement. Doctors were saying that aspiration of liver abscess is compulsory for the cure of patient. That is only one cause of fever of patient. Due to fear of surgery patient consulted me, when patient visited at my clinic, the clinical presentation of the case was.


1 The patient was weak and restlessness due to pain in chest

2. Fever was suppressed by allopathic medicine

3. Patient could not have passed stool from last three days

4. Abdomen is distended by flatus

5 Patient was suffering from constant hiccough

6 Patient was unable to sleep from last 5 nights. 

I took the case and following data is revealed.


  1. Patient is old drunkard and diabetic
  2. Presently he is suffering from sleeplessness, distended abdomen, constant hiccough, severe constipation, patient is unable to pass stool. With the pathology of liver abscess, renal failure, Malaria fever, leucosytosis,


HISTORY OF PRESENT COMLIANT – One day patient was working and suddenly he feel chilliness and fever, for which he treated with allopathy with no result, after that he referred to hospital where all that fact are revealed. 


After taking the case and repertrization I gave him a single dose of Homoeopathic medicine(Nux vomica - 200) Oh, what a great comfort feel by patient at once.


  1. Patient slept well at that night.
  2. No hiccough present.
  3. Now patient can pass stool and urine.
  4. Chest Pain reduced
  5. Chill fever returned and cure spontaneously
  6. Now patient is able to eat, he feel hunger
  7. All over general improvement is clearly seen in the patient
  8. after few days all pathology like elevated urea and creatinine also become normal
  9. WBC count become normal
  10. MPFM negative


Now only remaining pathology is Liver abscess, I was very confused regarding this pathology whether it should be drain or not, one of great cause of my confusion was, if patient is handed over to allopathic doctor and abscess is drained. So the course of antibiotic will be start on the patient, and this will prove fetal for the patient so after all with discussion of many allopathic doctor and radiologist. I took the decision of, not to drain the abscess. Here Organon of medicine guided me. Dr. hahnemann and Dr. Kent both says that, if patient feel improvement in general so don’t worry about pathology, it will disappear with the time. So I have to take the decision of weight and watch. And my passions were fruitful ultimately within short span of time only within 8 month abscess Disappeared completely.       


 Repertory sheet

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